Babu Baga Busy Full Movie – Watch on Torrent Site

Babu Baga Busy Full Movie – Watch on Torrent Site

Babu Bhaga Busy Full Movie

Babu Baga Busy is an Indian Telugu-language mature entertainment movie that is the remake of the Hindi adult comedy movie Hunterrr. It has remained remade by Abhishek Pictures and directed by Naveen Medaram. The film structures Srinivas Avasarala, Mishti, Sreemukhi, Tejaswi Madivada and Supriya Aysola in lead roles. The lead performer has said that the movie is a love story with a message. You can also watch the other famous movies such as world famous lover movie in telugu

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Short Babu Baga Busy Full Movie DescriptionBabu Baga Busy Full Movie Description

Director: Naveen Medaram

Producer: Abhishek Pictures

Screenplay: Naveen Medaram

Written: Harshvardhan Kulkarni

Star cast: Srinivas Avasarala, Mishti

Musician: Sunil Kashyap

Release date: 5 May 2017

Country: India

Language: Telugu

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Brief Story about Babu Baga Busy Full Movie

story :-

The division of the film is based on the life of Madhav (Srinivas Avasarala), an addict. After many adventures in his life, Madhav finally decides to settle down with Radha (Mishti). But things are not that easy as his controversial past keeps recurring in his present life. The rest of the story is how Madhav overcomes all his problems and finally marries Radha.

Plus point :-

Though Srinivas Avasarala doesn’t fit the character of a sex addict, he struggles to carry the film on his shoulders. His acting is quite good in some emotional scenes. Sreemukhi is very good in her small role. Mishti is almost fine and Adarsh ​​Balakrishna too.

Supriya, who plays the role of a married woman, looks beautiful and will attract some viewers with her look. His episode is the only thing that has been shown in some interesting way after the interval. There are some scenes that young people can strongly relate to.

Minus points: –

Bad remake of BBB Hunter. The original essence of the film gets lost in the translation, as the emotions are completely blown away. When you choose an adult comedy, you have to fill dates with good sexy scenes or comedy, but sadly this movie lacks both and it fails. sanam teri kasam movie online The movie has a ration of subplots which have been executed in a boring manner.

Accurate from the commencement of the film, the character of the protagonist is not established correctly and hardly anyone would believe that the main protagonist is a sex addict. The film takes place when Srinivas Avasarala looks like a playboy misfit. While impressive on the acting side, its soft image completely disrupts the entire theme of the film.

The story is so bad that none of the issues shown in the film are impressive. Tejashwi should stop blinking and disappearing, as they will surely affect his career. The entire first half is very slow with unnecessary flashbacks of the protagonist being shown in a shoddy and exaggerated manner. The peak of the film is also not convincing as the film ends in a hurry.

Technical Aspects:-

There are a lot of songs in the film though they come in montage form. The background score is pathetic and doesn’t elevate the film in the slightest. Production value is fine, as is camera work. Editing is fine and dialogues too. The script of the film is a shocker as the way the scenes flow can leave you bewildered.

Talking about director Naveen, he has done a disappointing job with the film. If I had made the film realistic, things would have been better. But add an emotional angle and try to please everyone with some old commercial scenes. He missed a great opportunity and ventured into the film with his sub-par direction.


When the Tollywood audience is evolving to accept a wide variety of films these days, the makers of Babu Baga Busy had every chance to take the adult comedy genre to the next level. But sadly, the film has neither interesting adult content nor the necessary comedy. There are some romantic scenes in this remake which will be loved by the youngsters, but for other audiences, this film ends like a dreadful and depressing watch this weekend and will surely be swept away by the great wave of Baahubali.

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