The Five Exercises to Do at Home

The Five Exercises to Do at Home

Exercises to Do at Home

We don’t always have time to go to the gym every night after work. But that’s not why you shouldn’t do sport in your day! There are straightforward exercises that will allow you to exercise every day without taking up a lot of your time.

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Lunges, the perfect cardio and strengthening exercise

An exercise known to all, it is a very effective classic. If you did not know this exercise, you would mainly work your abs and your thighs at the beginning. Indeed to master this exercise takes time, and you will make each lunge quite slowly. Don’t panic; this exercise is already beneficial. It will brand you work your thighs, buttocks and abs.

Once you have mastered the essential exercise, you can add speed and small jumps between each lunge to work on the cardio. You will also improve your core and your balance. Once you have mastered the core exercise, you can add little things to work more on the legs, more on the glutes, or more on the core.

Pumps, the classic among classics

Everyone has seen someone do push-ups; this exercise is essential! If you want to effort your upper body, you will have to go through this. It allows working at the same time the abs, the arms or the pectorals. Suppose you’ve never done one before. There are a few little rules to follow. Keep your back and buttocks straight to avoid damaging your spine. Start with sets of 5, then ten, then 15, then 20 over time.

If you are already a fan of this exercise, there are many variations to work more or less certain parts of the upper body. These variations mainly concern the position of the hands. The opening of the arms or the role of the feet.

Squats, a problematic exercise

This exercise is complicated, mainly because it is challenging to have the perfect position for doing squats. Be very cautious on this point; you will hurt your back badly. The easiest way is to start with a chair to have support and a more accessible position to hold. If you manage to keep the situation, then you will be able to work many muscles!

Squats will make your work both on your power and the muscles: glutes, thighs and abdominals will remain put to work! This exercise is excellent for reducing cellulite in the thighs and gradually removing it.

Burpees, one of the best exercises to lose extra pounds!

Complete exercise but also very exhausting. It is the best workout for losing weight and toning your body and heart. It is essential to do each step well, one after the other, to work to the maximum.

To do this exercise:

  • Begin the exercise in the squat position, with your hands resting in front of you on the floor.
  • Move your feet back to find yourself in the push-up position.
  • Bring your feet forward to return to the squat position.
  • Finally, jump as high as possible from the squat position.

Indeed the burpees make you work the arms, the abs, the thighs, the glutes and especially the cardio! Do not be surprised if you are in pain during your first sessions; start with small sequences. If you do it regularly, you will quickly see the results. This exercise is a must-have in your routine outside of the gym.

The mountain climber, the little exercise in addition

Less known than the others, this one will make you work your abs, arms, thighs, and heart! The faster you go in the execution and the sequence, the more your muscles and cardio will work. The hardest part at the beginning is to keep the position, especially to avoid hurting your back.

To perform this exercise:

  • Put yourself in a push-up position on tiptoes, legs and arms outstretched
  • Your body should be straight and sheathed -Bending
    your right leg, bring your right knee near your right elbow under your chest without touching your foot on the ground
  • In an explosive movement, reverse the location with the left leg. You have to repeat the sequence.

These different exercises will allow you to exercise and keep your program well-being even when you don’t have time to go to the gym. Do not hesitate to talk about these exercises to the coaches of the rooms you frequent; they will have other exercise ideas according to your needs and desires! In addition, if you have created your sports program, do not forget to combine it with suitable nutrition. It is the combination of the two that will allow you to see the results.

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