What Exactly Is A Cataract? And How To Have It Removed

What Exactly Is A Cataract? And How To Have It Removed


Cataracts refer to the cloudy formed substance in the eye lens. These cataracts can occur in both eyes but usually affect one eye in many cases. They are the primary cause of vision loss among many aged people.

They occur due to old age, especially for people above forty. Under normal conditions, it’s impossible to identify the presence of cataracts with the naked eye; it will require the help of special medical equipment.

However, cataracts are rightly corrected by surgical procedures within various optical medical institutions. However, Cataract surgery near me provides suitable solutions to fix cataracts.

Symptoms of Cataracts

The initial symptoms of cataracts include slightly blurred vision. In addition, other symptoms include: eyes becoming more sensitive to light, natural light becoming too bright, loss of color visuals as they appear less sharp and duller, dim vision, and difficulties in seeing at night or in low light.

What Causes Cataracts

Old age is the primary cause of cataract development. Moreover, long exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a risk factor for cataracts development. Also, trauma and injury to the eye may be the primary cause of cataract formation. In addition, an individual with diabetes has a high chance of developing Cataracts.

Also, congenital cataracts can be found in newborn babies, but it’s rare. Furthermore, individuals from families with genetic disorders that cause severe health problems have higher chances of developing cataracts. Cataracts may also result from prevalent eye conditions and previous surgeries.

How to Remove Cataracts

Most cataracts are removed using surgical procedures. Cataract surgery near me provides the best solution to removing cataracts from the eyes. The surgery is performed where the old eye lens is replaced with a replica of an artificial lens based on the patient’s visual needs.

Also, if the patient has other visual issues requiring intervention, the surgical procedure helps correct them by removing cataracts. The surgical intervention is performed in various ways.

Extracapsular Surgery

It is the most performed surgery involving having the patient’s lens removed, leaving the outer covering of the lens intact. Moreover, to have a smooth process and get a smaller incision, Cataract surgery near me subjects the lens to high-frequency sound waves to fragment it.

Once the lens is removed, the replica of the lens is replaced hence reducing the patient’s recovery process and the risk of infection. Additionally, the surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Intracapsular Surgery

It’s a rare surgical procedure and is only performed in serious cases. Cataract surgery near me removes the entire lens with the attached capsule. However, the surgical procedure doesn’t require hospitalization of the patient before the surgery.

However, cataract surgery does not result in complications or the development of negative effects, and the patient usually recovers his vision after a few days after surgery.


Cataract surgery near me has the best optical solutions to ensure an individual’s vision is restored and improved. However, if they had visual abnormalities before surgical procedures, the surgery may not necessarily help them recover their vision; hence consultations with an ophthalmologist is necessary for better diagnosis.

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