CBD Products for Pets

CBD Products for Pets

CBD Products for Pets

Cannabidiol’s uses are more known in humans, but there’s also plenty of anecdotal evidence for dogs. This is one of the more active ingredients in cannabis plants, but this is not psychoactive, unlike marijuana. More about psychoactive cannabis in this url.

Most of the extracts were derived from the hemp plants. They contain minimal amounts of THC, which is usually 0.3%. This is not enough to make pets high, and it is the amount allowed to bought or sold at a federal level. Marijuana often contains about 30% THC, which is why it can affect its users’ cognitive functions. THC and CBD are two different compounds, and the latter often have therapeutic effects on the body without the high.

There are cannabinoids present in a dog or cat’s body that react with the hemp plants’ phytocannabinoids. These will result in the interaction of various body functions like appetite, mood, pain sensation, immune systems, and many others.

Cannabidiol is known for its high profile of being safe and effective when it comes to various illnesses. The side effects may be uncommon in some, but it’s possible for them to happen. With this said, a range of products are available to improve your pet health, and they are all CBD-infused. You can get tinctures, treats, pills, oil, and creams that can help them find relief from pain and anxiety.

Advantages of CBD Products for Pets

Cannabidiol has proven to be effective in treating seizures in humans. There’s a drug-infused with CBD that’s made for people who are suffering from rare forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. In animals, it’s observed that canines that were given the oil tinctures have decreased their stress levels and chronic back pain.

The health impacts have been studied in humans, but there’s still plenty of evidence needed to ensure CBD’s efficacy and safety. With plenty of anecdotal evidence present and in-depth studies underway, you need to do your due diligence about the products present in the market and see which ones have stellar reputations.

A condition that cannabidiol oil has proven to treat in dogs is osteoarthritis. This was evident in the study made by Cornell University, where the canines showed signs of improvements within just weeks after taking CBD twice a day. These were compared with dogs that were taken the placebo tablets.

Although further research is pending about additional benefits of cannabidiol, the results look promising to many. Many are hoping that there will be more information coming out about the effects of CBD in pain relief, anxiety, and epilepsy. While science may not be able to give recommendations for these diseases, a high-quality and premium CBD Products for Pets oil will not likely harm your dog. However, it’s always best to talk to your veterinarian about these products if you’re unsure.

Risks to Know

Currently, the risks involving cannabidiol are not yet known. The FDA hasn’t approved these products yet, so the guidelines are still not present. Many vets may lose their license, especially if they prescribe cannabidiol to their pets. They can only give their opinions and see to it that there are not going to be adverse reactions afterwards.

Another more important thing to take note of is that the FDA sets no regulations, so you can expect the market to be full of products involving cannabidiol oil. Read more about CBD in this link here:  They can contain various levels of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidiol, and more, but some have contaminants in them.

Use only the products with an excellent reputation in the market, and you should always be aware of the risks. If your dog has an underlying medical condition and is undergoing treatment, you need to make sure that his body can take and metabolize additional supplements. It would help if you increased or decreased the current dose according to your vet’s instructions.

Avoid products containing high levels of THC at all costs. This applies to synthetic or human medical marijuana since the leaves and other parts can cause toxicity when eaten. They may send your beloved into the ER, so you should never give them the unprocessed plants. The human edibles may also be dangerous to your canine, especially xylitol, artificial sweeteners, and chocolates, so choose well.

As mentioned, the scientists are still waiting for the results for the long term. Controlled studies are being done today to allow cannabidiol supplements to be applied to other illnesses. You should be careful when administering the oil to your pets and make sure to follow the proper dosage.

Which Product to Get?

CBD Products for Pets

As evident in humans, there are various products that you can use when it comes to CBD. There are no quality control or regulations, but it’s best if you could go for the premium and high-quality tinctures. Make sure that the hemp plants locally sourced in the states of the USA to ensure efficacy and safety.

Ask for a certificate of analysis whenever possible. This paper will give you information about the per-dosing unit, potency, and the ingredients used in the products. Most of these are undergoing clinical trials, but it would help to chat with a representative to know more. The information about cannabidiol is also available on some websites, so be sure to check them out. Ask the manufacturers questions and read social media platforms and forums for more information.

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