Ten Small Changes to Improve your Health

Ten Small Changes to Improve your Health

Improve your Health

It is enough to modify some habits to enjoy a whole and healthy life. Some simple changes such as correcting your posture, changing your diet, cultivating your intellect or taking Care of your emotions will lead to a chain improvement in your health.

1. Take Care of Your Body

The prevention and early detection of the disease are the two fundamental pillars to maintain health. In addition to having a healthy lifestyle, vaccination is essential for prevention. Regarding early detection, regular check-ups are critical: urological studies for prostate cancer and gynaecological studies for breast and cervical cancers, colonoscopies for colon, spirometry for COPD, etc.

2. That Posture!

Back pain is one of the most widespread and most accessible to prevent ailments. Doing relaxation exercises with Pilates or yoga and strengthening the abdominal and dorsolumbar muscles with swimming or in the gym are minor changes to avoid spinal diseases.

3. Less Plate and More Shoe

Anyone who wants to gain health and improve their diet must increase the amount of physical exercise. Eating five meals a day, including a full breakfast consisting of dairy products, fruits and whole grains and a light dinner. Not enough to be healthy: getting in shape helps us reduce the cardiovascular risk factor and acting as an emotional relaxant.

4. Get Enough Sleep (and a little more)

We cannot live without sleep. Getting enough sleep (7-8 hours) and good quality sleep is essential to maintain a healthy life.

5. Click Play

It remains confirmed: the most brain-active people are more protected against cognitive deterioration. Which translates into well-being and prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

6. Get Wet!

The water is essential to the human body, both to help our bodies recover which is lost through urine, sweat or breath to make one of the most complete and recommended sports. In which all work muscles, ligaments and tendons: swimming.

7. Set Aside 5 Minutes a Day to Relax

Although the best-known risk factors (tobacco, cholesterol, hypertension) are an essential part. It remains proven that psychological factors are also a trigger for many cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.

8. Look at The Sky Every Day

You will have noticed that your eyes get very dry on the days that you make continuous use of your computer or your smartphone. It can damage them because it generates visual stress and even eyestrain and myopia. The best advice to avoid this is to keep the screen at least 50 cm away and apply eye drops when you notice dry eyes.

9. Smile!

Positive emotions, such as joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction or pride, are a vital source of well-being and quality of life and project a more attractive image of us, encouraging other positive people to want to approach us.

10. Love Yourself a Lot

Looking good is feeling good. If you don’t like any part of your anatomy, follow the previous nine tips: sports, balanced diet, stress management and abandoning bad habits. In addition, dermatology and cosmetic surgery offer you various solutions to correct. Improve ( laser eye surgery, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, etc.).

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