Definition of Complexed – What is it?

Definition of Complexed - What is it_


The term complex comes from complexing, a verb that alludes to suffering (or making suffer), a complex of a psychic type. Complexed, therefore, is an adjective that qualifies the person who suffers from a complex of this kind.

Definition of Complexed

To know what the self-conscious notion mentions, it is necessary to be clear about a psychic complex. It contracts with thoughts, symbolic images, and emotions that affect the behavior of a subject, generally remaining repressed. These ideas remain linked to the experiences of the person.

Definition of Complexed

Self-conscious human beings are disturbed by this system of thoughts, images, and emotions built through their experiences. Suppose an obese teenager remains constantly teased by his schoolmates, who laugh at him and call him offensive names. The boy, faced with this condition, is self-conscious about his physical condition. He intends to “hide” his excess weight and go unnoticed. In this way, he prefers not to be present at social events, does not play sports, or goes to the pool. As can be seen, this psychic Complex modifies his behavior since he may want to enjoy a party or swim when it’s hot, but he chooses not to.

The Complex generally arises from a person’s disagreement with some aspect of their existence. From his perception, the subject can develop a feeling of incapacity. He thus becomes a self-conscious individual who cannot feel full.

Some people can handle feeling self-conscious about certain circumstances better than others. However, the idea is to be able to leave being self-conscious behind, and for that nothing better than undertaking the following actions, according to psychologists:

The First thing to do is Identify why you take a Complex.

In the same method, it is essential to end the negative thoughts you have from feeling self-conscious.

No less critical is accepting reality and realizing that nobody is perfect, that everyone takes positive and negative things, but what is essential is knowing how to discover the good side of everything.

It is also necessary not to judge yourself harshly.

The most pleasing thing to do is laugh at yourself since, in this way, an important step remains taken so that those who stay hurt with that Complex do not do it. Of course, if they see that the “affected” himself does not care and will not feel bad near the circumstance in question, they will no longer have any element to harm him.

You have to try not to stay anchored in the defects or the things that can remain improved, but in all the good stuff you have, for example, on a physical or personality level.

It is also relevant not to be so demanding and to improve self-confidence. Without forgetting that it is pertinent to accept as one is and even think about how it can remain improved.

How does a Self-Conscious Person Behave?

We usually meet tormented, bitter people who feel uncomfortable and reject the natural changes of life. They are people who feel insecure and inferior to others. They have significant self-esteem issues.

Then, many people wonder how a person who feels terrible acts?

Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. People who suffer from it are usually socially marginalized since they stop relating healthily to the environment. Excessive complacency towards others. Difficulty making decisions.

But what is a Complex Being?

A complex, in psychology, refers to the set of ideas, emotions and tendencies that remain repressed in an individual and are related to a trauma or an experience living in the past. Complexes influence people’s behavior and life in general.

Now, how to know if a person has an Inferiority Complex?

Extreme shyness in different social contexts.

Difficulty making decisions.

I am feeling like not being up to the others.

Need to want to please others.

Low self-esteem.

Acknowledge other people’s achievements but not your own.


How does an insecure person behave?

Insecurity can promote states of shyness, paranoia or social isolation. An insecure person has no confidence in himself, his worth, or his abilities, and lacks confidence in others. He may think that others will let them down, and, likewise, they will be afraid of letting others down themselves.

How can Inferiority be Classified?

Other. A person with an inferiority complex reflects that their defects are more significant than those of others. They forget that all human existences have strengths and weaknesses in various areas or activities that distinguish them and, in general, no individual is superior or inferior to others.

What does it mean to have Complexes?

Colloquially, it remains said that a person has a complex when they believe they have a specific defect, physical or psychological, or when they underestimate their ability, leaving their self-esteem resentful and feeling, on many occasions, inferior to other people.

What does it mean that a person has Complexes?

Colloquially, it remains said that a person has a complex when they believe they have a particular defect, physical or psychological, or when they underestimate their ability, leaving their self-esteem resentful and feeling, on many occasions, inferior to other people.

What is a Complex Word?

Complex words or phrases are groups of words used as expressions, always using the exact words and always in the same order until they begin to be used and understood as a single word. They are also called stereotyped expressions.

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