5 Most Common Causes Of Gastrointestinal Diseases

5 Most Common Causes Of Gastrointestinal Diseases

We hear a lot in our lives about gastrointestinal diseases. We also begin to suffer from the very early because our body is more exposed when we are children, and we are especially vulnerable to contracting them.  Often, we are not remain informed about the true causes from which many of the most severe and risky diseases derive, which can very well be avoided if the required precautions stand taken, either during childhood or at any other stage of life. Preserving our health is a responsibility that begins with each individual in particular. Thus, It is essential to know and always keep in mind the most common factors that cause the digestive system’s diseases, avoid them and have a tremendous advantage over them to cope with better health. Here are 5 of these main factors that lead to the appearance of all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases.

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1.Non-Potable Water Consumption:

you know that, according to data released by the United Nations in 2010, deaths that occur annually as a result of the consumption of unsafe water are more incredible in number than those generated by any violence, including war? It is why this practice is at the top of our list. Likely, most people do not have a clear notion of how dangerous it is to supply the body with water that is not fit for human consumption. One of the diseases that derive from it kills 1.8 million people annually who do not have access to drinking water, mainly in underdeveloped countries. This disease is capable of accelerating the dehydration process in a person.

2.- Do Not Wash Your Hands Before Eating:

on the street, in shopping centres, in public transport, in the bathroom and anywhere else, our hands are in constant contact with all kinds of sources of microorganisms capable of generating it wreaks havoc on the digestive system when remain washed before eating. Did you know, for example, that giving to a study carried out by the Swedish laboratory Pegasus Lab, can any computer keyboard contain up to 260 times more bacteria than a standard toilet? In the same way, cell phones represent a source of contamination for the body, accumulating up to 30 times more microbes than a toilet since they are devices that. Because they are portable, they are constantly manipulated with the hands in all kinds of environments, becoming accumulators of microbes which, when eventually moving to the digestive tract, generate all sorts of conditions.

3.- Eating Food Prepared In Street Stalls:

the minimum standards of hygiene and sanitation required to prepare. And store food rarely fully met at the mobile food stalls typical in any city in the world. In addition, outdoor city environments are not exactly the most favourable for preparing and consuming food. Due to the incredible exposure they have to all kinds of pollutants present in the atmosphere. It is best to monitor the conditions and techniques used in a food establishment before eating possibly contaminated food directly to the digestive tract.

4.- Do Not Disinfect Fruits And Vegetables That can eat Raw:

This type of food, highly sought after for its nutrients and its efficient collaboration in metabolic processes. Remain characterized being produced under conditions of significant exposure to pollutants of all kinds. During its harvest, transport, handling, and preparation process, some are greater or lesser than others. Therefore, it is essential that before they remain ingested. They stay appropriately washed to minimize the risk of these agents entering the body. Which are generally bacteria, parasites, viruses, and food poisoning agents. The symptoms, which vary from mild to severe. Can lead the person to suffer complications such as acute diarrhoea, fever, vomiting and even develop a parasite.

5.- Bring Unsanitary Objects To The Mouth:

sometimes unconsciously, and other times intentionally. We bring objects to our mouths that, whether they seem to like it or not. They are also a source of bacteria and microorganisms. Potentially causing symptoms associated with stomach infections or viruses such as upset stomach. Abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and, in the most severe cases, severe dehydration. Avoid using your mouth to hold objects or exposing your mouth to unsanitary activities that leave bacteria-free.

Although these are only five of the most common reasons why gastrointestinal diseases tend to appear. As long as they are not related to genetic conditions or as a consequence of other more complicated illnesses. It is important to always keep these basic precautions in mind to avoid running risks. It is also possible that some organisms with delicate stomachs or other ailments such. As gastric reflux may remain affected by the uncontrolled intake of improper foods. So it is important to monitor the diet not to abuse them to worsen symptoms.

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