Guasha Massages vs. Traditional Massages

Guasha Massages vs Traditional Massages

Guasha Massages vs Traditional Massages

There are various types of massage, all of which achieve different results. Many individuals are conversant with traditional massage oils and tables.

But massage doesn’t fit in just one category. There are dozens upon dozens of variations, at times even in one subset of massage.

Those types of methods and massages are referred to as modalities. These massages and methods are developed to target specific areas or problems.

While there are many massages, traditional massages and Guasha massages have surged in popularity recently.

What is Guasha Massage?

Basically, gua sha massage is an alternative and natural therapy involving scrapping the skin using massage tools to improve blood circulation. This ancient healing method offers unique approaches to improving health and addressing chronic pain issues.

How Guasha Works

When it comes to the Guasha technique, practitioners will scrape your skin with long or short strokes to stimulate the circulation of soft tissues, thereby increasing blood flow.

They use those strokes with smooth-edge instruments referred to as the Guasha massage tool. The practitioner applies massage oil to the skin and uses the tool to scrape the skin repeatedly.

Guasha is basically intended to address energy referred to as chi, which practitioners strongly believe might be liable for inflammation. According to medical experts, inflammation is the cause of a few conditions related to chronic pain. Guasha massage is believed to promote healing, minimize inflammation, and break that energy.

Generally, it is carried out on an individual’s legs, neck, buttocks, arms, and back. Gentle versions of these techniques can be used on your face as a facial method.


Guasha tools look similar to misshapen half-moon tools. They are usually made from either jade or rose quartz. This kind of stone is not as helpful to this treatment as the shape, but ancient history associates it with some healing properties. Jade is believed to offer clarity of the mind, while rose quartz is thought to reduce anti-aging signs.

Practitioners look for Guasha tools with a contour in order to fix various angles of the face. Unlike facial rollers, which are shaped similar to a long oval, smaller edges will better apply pressure to a specific part of your face, like the brow bone or eye area.

The base area is more suitable for cheekbones, but the ‘v’ shape works better for jawlines. The massage tool must as well fit comfortably in the practitioners’ hands so as to allow them to glide across their patients’ skin under pressure.


Guasha massage is a must-do technique. Like using crystals to ward bad vibes off, Guasha massage outcome is very anecdotal. Because of that, the technique is used to do the following:

  • Minimize inflammation
  • Ease headaches
  • Combat Hepatitis B symptoms
  • Aids in the recovery of the muscles
  • Relieve pain

What is Traditional Massage?

When it comes to traditional massages, practitioners usually use their forearms, elbows, thumbs, hands, and at times feet to minimize tension in the patient’s muscles.

Traditional massages depend on the idea that chi or energy moves through the body along pathways or predictable lines called sens.

In order to increase the energy flow, practitioners will need to move the patients’ bodies into yoga-like positions in addition to rocking and pulling their bodies differently.

The combination of pressure, movement, and stretching are what makes traditional massages different from other kinds of massage.

How it Works

Traditional massage philosophy believes everyone has a meridian line in their body. By stimulating acupressure points, traditional massages may allow for a healthy flow of energy in the body.

Benefits of Traditional Massages

Traditional massage is a holistic healing method, guaranteeing the treasure of wellness and relaxation experiences, all of which are designed to create harmony and inner balance and, of course, a sense of connectivity on the inside.

At the heart of users, traditional massage is important therapy that helps promote wellbeing. Using feet and hands, therapists will also follow energy lines and apply pressure with rhythmic movement. This allows the method to:

  • Relieve back pain
  • Minimize headache intensity
  • Help patients with stroke
  • Lower stress levels

The Bottom Line

When conventional therapy fails to improve your symptoms, experts say that the Guasha technique can help to alleviate the problem. While this method might appear simple and straightforward, a practitioner of acupuncturist of Chinese medicine should perform it.

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