5 Beginner Tips For Success In Health And Fitness Goals

5 Beginner Tips For Success In Health And Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Define your Reason why you want to be in shape

Being fit and healthy is a commitment, and you need to work consistently until you achieve it. Once you do, you need to uphold it by committing to a healthier lifestyle. So, before you start, describe your core reason why. Why do you want to start exercising? Is it to improve the excellence of life and be healthier? Do you take climbing Mount Everest or a  Lares trek to Machu Picchu on your bucket list? Or – is it just because you want to look suitable for a friend’s upcoming wedding?

Internal motivation will facilitate commitment, while the external basis is often short-term and won’t motivate you enough once the going gets tough. Define at least three reasons you want to exercise, be healthier, and remind yourself when the going gets tough.

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Establish a list of consecutive goals

Once you define your reasons for writing a list of realistic goals, they should be as simple as possible to achieve them. If you want to jump on the fitness bandwagon and start exercising, you have to choose three days of the week. Then schedule your workouts as if they were an important meeting.

Once you do, set a clear training goal. For example, train three times a week. When you mark this goal on your list, try to keep up with this program for a whole month. Then try training for three months in a row with no excuses. Each time you reach a goal, cross it off your list and move on to the next achievable and realistic goal. It is an unique way to maintain the proper diet schedule.

Clean up your diet

Starting a fitness journey is tough, but the rewards along the way are well worth the effort. But, your fitness journey won’t pay off until you clean up your diet. If you want to build more muscle, you need to fuel your body correctly and spend time on strength training. Also, if you’re going to reduce your body fat percentage, you need to eat nutritious meals that only support your training efforts.

Habits of healthy eating are essential if you want to improve your long term health and be fit and strong. Ensure you eat plenty of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fibre, fruits, and vegetables. Limit or altogether avoid processed foods, sweets, drinks, and junk food in general.

Find a training program that you like

Exercise is fun and enjoyable if you choose an activity that you are passionate about. Fitness trends are constantly changing, giving you a variety of fitness programs to choose from. You can work out on your own at the gym or find a fun group program that fits your schedule. Whichever you choose, be sure to include the following in your exercise program: strength training, cardio, and high interval training.

Strength training will upsurge your strength and help you burn fat earlier. Cardio workout at least once a week benefits your cardiovascular system. A HIIT is perfect for those days when you’re short on time but still want to help from the post-workout high. It remains also recommended to include at least 30 minutes of light movement during the day. When you discover an activity you like, you will consider exercise one more fun

Embrace Recovery Time

Recovery time is just as important as the time and effort you put into your workouts. Every workout puts a lot of stress on the muscles. Therefore, the muscles need time to recover. Your body needs to replenish the energy sources necessary for another workout. Aim to train two to three times in a row and take a day to recover. If you constantly exercise without breaks, your progress will not stop.

Not recovering correctly could also negatively impact your motivation and could even be why your cause is declining. Proper hydration and nutrition are also part of recovery, so try to give your body the fuel it needs to recover.

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