Find Out How to Get a Mental Health Evaluation Without Leaving Your Home

Mental health centers are increasingly offering telehealth options for you to meet with your therapist or psychiatrist over video conferencing on your computer or phone. COVID-19 restrictions popularized this form of healthcare, but you may find it works better for you for many reasons. Most parts of your mental health care plan can be completed over telehealth, including full diagnostics, talk therapy, and psychiatric treatment.

If you’re thinking about reaching out for mental health care, but you aren’t sure where to start, telehealth services can remove a barrier by allowing you to do everything in the comfort of your own home.

HIPAA-Compliant Software for Confidentiality

First and foremost, one of the most critical aspects of receiving mental health care is confidentiality. You want to know what you tell your doctor or therapist is fully confidential. Information travelling over the internet can be intercepted by hackers, so companies have developed HIPAA-Compliant software that will encrypt your conversation and improve cybersecurity. Make sure that your healthcare provider offers telehealth services using a special program for confidentiality.

You should also make sure that you’re receiving your telehealth services in a safe and secure place by ensuring privacy and avoiding taking sessions in the car or public spaces.

Evaluations Over Web Forms

You will be asked to fill out diagnostic paperwork over a web form and submit it to the clinic. These web forms should be offered to you through a secure portal for confidentiality. Once you’ve completed those forms, you send them back through the portal for your mental health professional to review. These are usually the same forms you would receive at the clinic.

Scheduling Your Telehealth Services

To receive telehealth services, you will need an internet connection and a device with a microphone and camera. Someone will send you a link to join your session by email, and you’ll click that link on the day and time of your appointment.

Getting the Most Out of Your Session

To get the most out of your session, make sure your lighting is good, noise levels are kept to a minimum, and you keep yourself from getting distracted by closing other web browser tabs. Try to pretend you’re in the room with your doctor or therapist and do what you normally would to stay focused and have a good session.

You can also bring any information that you would have taken with you to the clinic and show the doctor through the web portal or speak to them about it in your session.

Telehealth Services Can Facilitate the Best Treatment for You

Telehealth services are an excellent option if you would like to complete a mental health evaluation without leaving your home. Telehealth provides full treatment and is not a shortcut to full diagnostics and care, but rather a different method of getting the same care. When you search for a mental health professional, see if they make this mode of treatment available to you and ensure they’re using the correct software. With all of these things, you can make the most of your telehealth session and get on the road to better mental health.

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