How to Improve Your Skin in the Hot, Sticky Months

How to Improve Your Skin in the Hot, Sticky Months

Improve Your Skin in the Hot

It’s hot outside. Really hot — almost everywhere. If you walk outdoors, it doesn’t take long to feel like a hot, damp cloth is sitting on your skin. Yuck — thanks so much, humidity!

There’s no question that summer is in full swing, and that’s great in so many ways. It offers pool time, barbecues, yard games, and more. With all these activities, though, there comes a risk. Your skin is getting exposed to the elements, and it could experience damage. Don’t worry, though. Keep reading to discover the many things you can do to protect (and improve) your skin during these hot, sticky months.

1. Avoid Acne

Sadly, the conventional wisdom that getting out in the sun can clear up your skin is just a myth. So if sun exposure is your summer plan for perfect summer skin, prepare to be disappointed. All that sun actually triggers your oil glands to overproduce, which clogs your pores. The result can be an acne-filled reflection in the mirror.

Don’t stress; the right acne treatment for you is out there. Your healthcare provider can help you find the best prescription option to clear up your skin. That will help give you reliable protection during the summer. Remember that some acne medications can make you more sensitive to the sun, so don’t stint on the sunscreen.

2. Keep Sunscreen on Hand

Summer and sunscreen go hand in hand. You need to wear it every day — especially, as noted, if you’re taking acne medication. Fortunately, with modern formulations, you don’t need to go around smelling like bananas or coconut. Apply your chosen product religiously because it’s your armor against the sun’s skin-damaging rays. Make sure to look for an option that’s at least SPF 30.

Mineral-based sunscreens containing titanium or zinc oxide are a great natural alternative to chemical sunscreens. These minerals provide a physical barrier to shield you from UVA and UVB rays. Pay attention that you don’t just apply sunscreen to your face, legs, and arms. Remember the tops of your ears, feet, and scalp (if you’re not wearing a hat) as well. These overlooked spots are prime candidates for wicked sunburns.

3. Drink More Water

When you’re out in the sun, it’s easy to get overheated. When you’re thirsty, it’s tempting to reach for a soda or even a cocktail. Resist that urge and grab water instead. It’s the best way to restore your body’s hydration when you’re sweating away in the heat.

Keep a refillable water bottle on hand to help you drink as close to eight glasses a day as possible. Your skin needs more water to stay smooth and more elastic. Staying hydrated also makes it easier for your body to get rid of toxins. That means less acne during tank top, short shorts, and bathing suit season. It’s a battle you’ll fight all summer, so bottom’s up on the H2O!

4. Double Down on Hydration

Drinking more water is just one way to improve your skin when it’s hot outside. There’s another strategy that can improve your outer glow even more. Offer some hydration to your outer layer, as well, with a moisturizing cream. No matter how hard you try during the summer, your skin will dry out a bit.

Most of these products can’t block the sun’s rays, so don’t rely on them as a sunscreen replacement. However, as part of your daily skin routine, they can reduce the impact of sun exposure. Daily moisturizers offer two benefits. They strengthen your body’s protective outer layer and keep your skin from getting too dry. Dry skin overproduces oil — remember that link between oil and acne?

5. Skip the Sunbathing

There’s enough information out there about skin cancer that shows prolonged sunbathing is definitely a no-no. Even if you wear sunscreen, you’re absorbing way more of those dangerous UVA rays than you should. You might try to attain a summer glow inside to avoid the sun, but don’t make the mistake of thinking tannig beds are safe. Going that route can increase your skin cancer risk.

It’s just not worth it, especially if protecting and improving your skin is your overall goal.

Absolutely wear sunblock, and do as much as you can to avoid direct sunlight. Find some shade — umbrellas, trees, and awnings work well. They offer some sun protection, and you may stay a few degrees cooler.

6. Enjoy a Healthy Diet

The list of benefits to eating a healthy diet is long. It’s great for your heart, your bones, and your brain. Don’t forget it’s great for your skin, too. Believe it or not, a healthy diet offers your skin UV ray protection! It doesn’t get any easier to sidestep skin damage than eating the right breakfast.

When you’re making your shopping list, be sure to include munchies with carotenoids. Melons, mango, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and peas are all fabulous options. Plus, they’re in season during summer. Include some sun ray-blocking snacks like nuts, as well. It all goes toward strengthening your outer armor.

You’re knee-deep into summer already, but the hottest months are still ahead of you. That means you must pay close attention to doing what’s best for your skin. Whether you’re on a beach trip or at a backyard barbecue, put some of these skin-improving strategies to use. If you skip a sunburn, avoid a breakout, or just stay less shiny, it’s all worth it.

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