Ten reasons you’ll love wearing short hair

Ten reasons you'll love wearing short hair

You’ll love wearing short hair

When we think of daring with a change of look, the first thing we can think of is the hair. We thought we’d comb it another way or dye it a different colour. However, the option that often causes us more fear and resistance is to cut it. Disdain this, we have rarely seen that the result was a disaster when a friend or acquaintance has decided to take the step.
Short hair is still trending this season. We give you all the reasons you need to go to the hairdresser and start spring with a new look.

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1. Short hair will end bad days for your hair

Bad days for short hair don’t exist. If you discover that you have shed too much when you get up, getting to take some form that horrifies us has an easy solution since it will not take you long to get the desired hairstyle. Instead of getting up, makeup and spending hours in front of the mirror combing your hair to go perfectly, you’ll only have to retouch the stripe and bangs to be ideal. Therefore this look allows you to be more natural and waste less time.

2. Short hair is perfect for parties

If you’re the kind of girl, you don’t need to beg to leave the house, but as soon as you hear the word ‘party’, you sign up for a bombardment; this is the most suitable hairstyle for you. You won’t have to go around your hairstyle too much, and you can go with your hair loose. And if you want a slightly more unique look, you can make some waves at the end of the bangs and on the tips to give more volume to your hair. Either way, combing your hair will be a lot easier and take half of what you’d take with long hair.

3. No more hairs everywhere

In the shower, on the sheets, on the clothes, you can find hairs everywhere, as far as you least imagine. When you do the house cleaning, you realize what it means to have long hair, as you leave a trace of it wherever you go. According to FrameShot, ladies with short hair are much easier to photograph, especially for corporate headshots, as there are no single fly-away hairs on the clothes.

4. Short hair takes you half the time to be ready

Estimated arrival time just in time! Short hair allows you to stay prepared in 10 minutes. However, you will no longer have an excuse to be late for your appointments; it will take half the time to get ready.

5. Only suitable for daring girls

Changing your look is always a risk, as we don’t always get the expected result, and in the hair, once we cut it, there’s no turning back! If you’re one of those people who thinks that, “After all, it’s just hair, it’ll grow,” dare to try and surprise those around you with an unexpected change.

6. You’re making crazy decisions from time to time

If you’re frequently unnerved forward and nothing slows you down, cutting off your mane is sure to be a good idea. Releasing adrenaline from time to time or making crazy decisions that got out of the routine and established help you avoid boredom or demotion at some point in your life. I’m sure you’re trending.

7. Ignore established patterns

The important thing, first of all, is to find yourself at ease with yourself, making deaf ears to the patterns established by advertising or fashion. If you look ridiculous that girls collect their hairs emulating a short hairstyle and prefer to cut your hair, do not hesitate. If you like short hair, why not try it?

8. You know how to be creative

If once you’ve cut your hair, don’t like the result or miss your hair, there’s always some way to fix it. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can always do it for some particular situation when you want to add a few extensions, but you will still have the comforts and advantages of short hair.

9. You can look at other girls’ cuts; there are many styles!

Drastic changes in look are very fashionable among celebrities. Without hesitation, they are put in the hands of their stylists, letting them surprise them with a cut that gives them a new air to their look to look renewed in their day to day and on the red carpets of the events they attend. They all feel great, dare to find the style that best suits you and forget about your hair.

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10. Forget the hassle; short hair won’t get in your way

Do you know these annoying situations in which gravity and climatology remain bent on carrying our hair where they want at the least opportune time? To keep our hair under control and prevent it from frizzing or having too much volume, a headband will be enough always be ideal; try it! The forks will be another accessory that can help you tame your hair on those complicated days; besides, you will find adorable designs as this spring is trending.

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