How to Get a Maroon Hair Color for 2020

How to Get a Maroon Hair Color for 2020

 Maroon Hair Color

If you’re aiming for a beautiful appearance that oozes confidence, it’s safe to say you should combine a bit of red into the mix. And though red lipstick and red eye makeup are two clever ways to add red to your makeup look, we’re here to talk about adding a red hue to your strands. As it turns out, maroon hair colors are popping up all across our social media feeds, and we can’t get enough of them. You’ve originated in the right place if you want to try a maroon mane. Below, we’re detailing all you need to know about the maroon hair trend, including how to use a gorgeous dark maroon hair dye to DIY the look at home.

What is Maroon Hair?

Maroon hair can remain secret by way of a dark reddish-purple hue. There are limited variations of maroon hair to select from, from true maroon to extra dark maroon hair. Separately shade features notes of red and purple to create a generally stunning hue.

How to Get A Maroon Hair Color

How to Get A Maroon Hair Color

If you need to develop a maroon hair color for yourself, stock up on many inspiration pictures before heading to the salon. Since there are multiple shade variations, it’s essential to give your colorist a clear vision of the result you have in mind. Opening with a dark base, you’ll likely need to bleach your strands beforehand, so they have vibrant and saturated maroon hair color.

How to Diy A Maroon Hair Color

Consider yourself extra of a DIY gal? Not a problem! Getting a maroon hair color at home-based is easy—with the assistance of our at-home maroon hair dye kits, of course. Here are insufficient options for DIYing the trendy color.

If you need a semi-permanent maroon hair color try using the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color is Maroon or Burgundy.

If you need a permanent maroon hair color try using the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Deep Burgundy, Power Reds – Deep Auburn/Red Velvet, or Power Violet – Intense Deep Violet.

How to Get Maroon Hair

Maroon hair is a deep, rich shade, faultless for fall or winter. Not only prepares it look unique, but it suits most people. However, using a boxed dye does not always work out, especially if you consider your natural hair color. There are insufficient techniques that you can use, however, to get the color you want

Decide on a shade of maroon. “Maroon” means different colors for different people. For some people, it is more purple, though, for others, it is extra red o burgundy. An additional thing to notice is your skin tone; certain shades of maroon determination look better against certain skin tones. Here are some suggested shades of maroon or burgundy that suit different skin tones. Unknown you have a neutral skin tone, stick with a warm Cabernet shade if you can’t tell what skin tone you have.

If you have a peachy or rosy skin tone, go for a bright or cool shade, like blueberry.  If you have a peach or rosy skin tone, choose a bright or calm tone like blueberry or raspberry. know you need a warm yellow skin tone, consider a bright colour like cherry. Know if you want something more natural, choose something with a touch of cinnamon.

Understand what to imagine if you have dark brown or black hair. Although it is possible to dye your hair burgundy, you should understand that it can be very dark. You could try using 30 skin enhancers on natural paint (instead of 20 skins). Another option would be to purchase a brighter maroon hair dye. Using a lighter shade can achieve the desired color due to the darkness of your natural hair color. Avoid bleaching your hair because it can become too soft.

If your hair is light or medium brown, you don’t need to dye it darker or lighten it. Your hair is the perfect foundation!.

Blonde dyed hair is a darker shade of brown or reddish-brown. You will get a bright purple hue if you try to dye your blonde hair burgundy. First, you need to dye your hair brown or reddish-brown, wash off the dye, and dry your hair. After that, you can continue to dye your hair burgundy. If you have light red hair, reflect dyeing it a more neutral shade of brown if you don’t want a more reddish-chestnut color. Brown, unless you want a more reddish shade of maroon.


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