The 13 Reasons For Not Mislaid Fruits And Vegetables.

The 13 Reasons For Not Mislaid Fruits And Vegetables.

Not Mislaid Fruits And Vegetables.

We distinguish that fruits and vegetables remain recommended every day if we seek to achieve a diet that protects the health and helps us look better; however, how do they advantage us? We show you the 13 reasons for not missing fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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1. They Defend Dental Health

Fruits and vegetables remain a source of valuable nutrients associated with better dental and oral health; for example, they offer calcium, potassium, fibre, water, magnesium and other essential micronutrients.

But above all, its regular intake can reduce the loss of teeth by improving the development and maintenance of the teeth; therefore, if we want to keep the smile in condition, nothing better than consuming fruits and vegetables daily.

2. They Help You Lose Weight

They are foods of low caloric density due to their richness in water and fibre and offer nutrients that can promote weight loss and satisfy good energy quality.

An increase of only 100 grams per day in consuming fruits and vegetables can cause a moderate loss of weight after six months. So if we need to achieve a sustainable diet over time, we are away from nutritional deficiencies and health problems, fruits and vegetables cannot be absent from the table when losing weight.

3. They Promote Bone Health

The importance of this value lies in the nutritional fertility of fruits and vegetables and their antioxidants. This large group of foods offers minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are very important for maintaining healthy bones.

4. They Help Prevent Cancer

Due to its nutritional quality and antioxidants, the regular intake of fruits and vegetables contributes to achieving a healthy diet that reduces cancer chances.

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetable container reduces the risk of suffering from different types of cancer: breast, endometrium, stomach, colon, pancreas, oesophagus, oral, pharynx and lung; therefore, it is vital to take care of the daily intake of this food group so beneficial to the body.

5. Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

In general, fruits and vegetables are low in sodium and very rich in potassium, critical nutritional conditions for cardiovascular health.

But specifically, its intake can reduce blood pressure helping to prevent hypertension and other heart problems and reduce the risk of coronary problems and cerebrovascular accidents or CVA. Therefore, if we want a healthy heart then vascular system, we cannot miss fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, essential protagonists of the DASH diet.

6. They Protect The Functioning Of The Brain

Healthy food that includes fruits and vegetables regularly protects the head by reducing the risk of cognitive loss and preserving memory.

The antioxidants and good nutrients that fruits and vegetables offer are responsible for the benefits at the brain level that their regular consumption generates, within the framework of a healthy diet where other nutrients and positive ingredients remain included.

7. Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Food intake with a low glycemic index, which helps prevent obesity, offer fibre and satisfy with few calories, such as fruits and vegetables, reduce the risk of diabetes.

It should remain noted that the slightest possibility of developing the disease is associated with the consumption of fruits and vegetables. In contrast, the consumption of fruit juices has the opposite effect. Especially dark green and yellow vegetables can be beneficial in preventing diabetes in people who are overweight.

8. They Help Prevent Allergies And Asthma

Mainly to avoid respiratory allergies, the intake of foods with good nutrients such as fruits and vegetables can be of great help. Adequate consumption of this diet group is associated with a lower probability of suffering from asthma and allergies.

The intake of fruits and vegetable container also offer compounds that strengthen the immune system, which helps prevent asthma, respiratory allergies, and frequent rhinitis in the face of seasonal changes.

9. They Provide Psychological Benefits

The vitamin C, lutein, carotene and different antioxidant compounds in fruits and vegetables may help us feel more vital, have more positive thoughts and more creativity and motivation.

Then they can also reduce the risk of depression, pathology related to oxidative pressure in our body. Therefore, if we lack to feel very good on a mental and emotional level, fruits and vegetables cannot be missing from our bench.

10. Protect Digestive Health

The fibre, antioxidants, and prebiotics create in many fruits and vegetables make these foods critical ingredients for good digestive health.

Thus, the regular intake of fruits and vegetables keeps us away from esophageal, mouth and colon cancer, constipation, and associated intestinal diseases such as diverticulosis.

11. Reduce The Risk And Recovery Time Of Injuries

The incidence of sports injuries and the recovery time from them can be affected by the quality of our diet. So much so that the antioxidants and good nutrients present in fruits and vegetables can help us reduce the two factors mentioned overhead.

Antioxidants such for example vitamin C counteract the oxidative pressure caused by physical exertion. Therefore, can compensate for tissue damage, reduce muscle damage, immune dysfunction and fatigue that exercise can cause.

12. They Benefit Our Aesthetics

The antioxidants and good nutrients in fruits and vegetables are responsible for many benefits for the health of the body. Still, in addition, they can have positive repercussions on our aesthetics.

The nutricosmetics in fruits and vegetables can stimulate blood circulation, promote healthy and robust hair. Nourish and hydrate our skin, take care of the smile. Even make us more attractive to the eyes of others. Showing that a healthy body on the inside is beautiful on the outside.

13. Promote Healthy Ageing

Due to its good nutrients but above all. Due to the great variety of powerful antioxidants that we can obtain from fruits and vegetables. Its regular consumption promotes healthy ageing by distancing ourselves from various illnesses.

As we have said so far. Fruits then vegetable canister protect us against different health snags. Help us achieve a fit body that enjoys a good quality of life. Therefore, manages to age healthily.

The fruits and vegetables are wanted daily, and here are 13 explanations for this. Of way, in addition to the five before more recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Our diet must include other healthy ingredients. It must be accompanied by good lifestyle habits if we want to enjoy these advantages that proper nutrition offers.

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