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Your Top Plastic Surgery Option for Every Concern

Your Top Plastic Surgery Option for Every Concern

Plastic surgery procedures are popular. This is proven with the two million plus cosmetic surgical procedures that were performed in the United States in 2020.

The reason for this: they work!

Women (and an increasingly large number of men) choose plastic surgery techniques to address all sorts of aesthetic and body-related concerns. Do you want to look younger? Try a facial procedure. Do you have excess fat or loose abdominal skin? Liposuction or tummy tuck surgery is the procedure for you. Are you tired of stuffing your bras (or buying heavily padded ones)? Breast augmentation has you covered. 

Whatever you are looking for, plastic surgery can help. 

That being said, with so many plastic surgery options available today, how do you know what procedure is right for your needs? 

Well, we are here to shed some light and clear up some confusion. 

Facial Surgeries

Since the face is the most visible physical feature, let’s start there. Facial surgeries are split into two areas: techniques that address age-related concerns and those that physically augment the facial features. 

Starting with the anti-aging procedures:

  • Do you have excess or sagging skin, deep wrinkles, loss of facial definition, or jowls? If so, consider facelift surgery.
  • Do you have deep creases along your forehead, or are your eyebrows starting to travel south? If so, consider brow lift surgery.
  • Do you have excess skin on the upper eyelid that is hooding your eyes (and potentially interfering with your vision), or puffy bags beneath your eyes? If so, consider eyelid surgery.
  • Do you have a double chin or vertical banding on the neck? If so, consider a neck lift.
  • Do you have crow’s feet or frown lines? If so, consider BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Moving onto facial augmentation procedures:

  • Are you unhappy with any cosmetic aspect of your nose? If so, consider rhinoplasty.
  • Do you have a deviated septum or other nasal concern that is affecting your ability to breathe well? If so, consider septoplasty.
  • Have your cheeks lost their fullness? If so, consider cheek implants or dermal fillers.
  • Is your jawline missing definition? If so, consider jaw or chin implants.
  • Are your lips lacking a sensual pout? If so, consider dermal fillers

Body Contouring/Sculpting Procedures

Plastic surgery isn’t just performed to look younger. It is also performed to look fitter and healthier. 

  • Do you have laxity in the midsection like excess skin, fat, or muscle separation? If so, consider a tummy tuck.
  • Do you have pockets of diet and exercise-resistant fat that is crushing your self-esteem and frustrating you? If so, consider liposuction.
  • Have you lost weight and now have loose skin around your body? If so, consider a body lift.
  • Do you have bat wings or excess fat in the upper arms? If so, consider arm lift surgery.
  • Do you have excess fat on the upper thighs? If so, consider thigh lift surgery.
  • Has pregnancy or other life events left you with stretched or large labia? If so, consider labiaplasty.
  • Do you have a flat backside and excess fat elsewhere on your body? If so, consider a Brazilian Butt Lift

Breast Surgeries

Breast surgeries are probably the most well-known plastic surgery procedures available. Let’s be honest, when someone mentions plastic surgery, chances are your initial thoughts travel to the good old “boob job.” 

That being said, breast surgeries are able to do much more than just increase the size of the bust. 

  • Are your breasts naturally small or did they “deflate” after pregnancy? If so, consider breast augmentation.
  • Are your breasts too large and heavy for your frame? If so, consider breast reduction
  • Are your breasts sagging? If so, consider a breast lift.
  • Are you unhappy with some aspect of your implants or are you experiencing an implant complication? If so, consider a breast revision.
  • Are you a man who has developed female-looking breasts? If so, consider gynecomastia surgery.
  • Have you undergone treatment for breast cancer and now wish to reconstruct the breast? Breast reconstruction techniques are available to help you restore this essential part of yourself.

Have Questions About Plastic Surgery?

How old do I need to be for plastic surgery?

Most plastic surgery procedures require you to be a healthy adult. Some teenagers consider procedures like rhinoplasty or breast reduction. Usually, you qualify for these procedures if the feature in question is fully developed. 

Can you combine plastic surgery procedures together?

Often yes. Combining plastic surgery procedures is very common; however, they need to be in the same vein. For instance, you can perform different facial surgeries together, but you cannot combine a facelift with a tummy tuck. Often, you can combine breast and body contouring  surgeries as long as they can be completed in a set number of hours. Plastic surgery procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia and there is a safe limit to how much time you can be under.

I want one or more of the above. What should I do next?

If you are interested in plastic surgery, reach out to a board-certified plastic surgery in your area and schedule a consultation. They will be able to help guide you through the process.

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