4 Unconventional Fitness Trips You Should Try

4 Unconventional Fitness Trips You Should Try

4 Unconventional Fitness Trips

For many travelers, fitness habits tend to be a distant thought when traveling to explore new destinations, while others prioritize it. A 2017 Expedia Fitness Breaks Study shows that 53 percent of US and 51 percent of Canadian travelers believe exercising while traveling is important.

One of the best things about taking a fitness trip is that you’re likely to return home feeling fresh and energized instead of tired and puffy. However, incorporating a fitness regime in your travel itinerary doesn’t require spending hours at your hotel gym. Consider these unconventional fitness trips that can help you stay in shape on vacation.

Cosmetic Clinic

A visit to the cosmetic clinic offering body sculpting or other non-invasive treatments is a great way to shape your body during vacation. When looking for destinations with body sculpting clinics, take your time to find a reputable place with extensive experience. It’s essential that a licensed medical provider performs the procedure as they can determine if the treatment is suitable for your body type and aesthetic goals.

One of the most significant advantages of traveling to a cosmetic clinic for non-invasive fat reduction treatments is that most treatments are likely to have minimal to no downtime. This allows you to explore the new city without spending days or weeks recovering from treatment.

Goat/Puppy Yoga

If you’re not feeling motivated to move your body and get active, a goat or puppy yoga class might change your mind. This fun and fluffy fitness trend is a delight for those who want to spend time with animals as they practice yoga.

The classes are generally 45 minutes to an hour-long, but the time can vary depending on the location. You might get distracted by all the adorable faces when you’re in the middle of a stretch, but at least they’ll motivate you to stay active!

Fitness Resort

Wellness tourism has become increasingly popular among travelers in recent years. The global market size of the wellness tourism industry is predicted to be worth around $1.2 trillion in 2027.

Due to the demand for wellness tourism, many resorts worldwide offer travel packages focusing on fitness. A fitness resort allows travelers to physically and mentally rejuvenate through activities, proper nutrition, and social activities. For some travelers, fitness resorts are a way to lose weight; for others, it might be a form of support from like-minded people.

Runner’s Retreat

Many runner’s retreats are offered in scenic destinations, allowing runners to stay on their feet while observing beautiful landscapes. If you want to explore a new destination on your feet, find a location that offers a runner’s retreat and pack your running shoes.

A runner’s retreat is typically a vacation centered around running that includes a training camp for adult runners with perks such as meals, massages, meditation classes, and more.

Trying to stay fit on vacation doesn’t have to be boring if you visit the right place. Take some time to find out what activities you’re interested in, and start planning your wellness trip!

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