Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments For Men

Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments For Men

Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments For Men

There is a growing number of men undergoing non-surgical aesthetic treatments, used to help enhance facial features. Although aesthetic treatments are available to both men and women, men appear to be more apprehensive to make use of the aesthetic treatments available to them. Here are the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments for men that you might want to consider.


Like women, over the years all men develop wrinkles and fine lines, usually found on the forehead and around the eyes. ‘Bro-tox’ which is botox for men is commonly used for deep frown lines, which can be caused by years of computer use and frowning. Bro-tox for men can be used to smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines, helping someone to appear more youthful and improve their confidence.

Jawline and chin filler

Jaw and chin filler are the perfect treatments to add definition and structure to a man’s face. Jawline filler is placed in specific points of the face to create a more chiselled looking jawline, creating the appearance of a ‘masculine jawline’. Having a strong face contour is aesthetically important for a lot of men which is why this treatment is becoming increasingly popular.

Tear trough filler

Everyday life and the effects of becoming older can create hollowness under the eyes. Tear trough filler can be used to bring volume and restore this area, giving a more rejuvenated appearance to the face. Re-evaluating your skincare routine and investing in better skincare, could be a simple way to help fix this issue before going ahead with tear trough filler.

Non -surgical facelift

A non-surgical facelift can be used to help treat the natural effects of ageing. Some men and women find that face sagging knocks their confidence massively. Fortunately, a non-surgical facelift brings one’s face back to life. A non-surgical facelift is about creating subtle and natural looking results, a non-surgical face lift includes treatment to the:

  • Cheeks
  • Eye bags
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Jawline

Lip filler

Thin lips can affect both men and women, lip filler is a quick and easy treatment to fix any issues a man may feel he has with his lips. The filler used for this treatment is made from hyaluronic acid which is used to create volume, shape and definition.

When going ahead with any non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as lip filler, facial contouring or jaw filler, it is recommended to go to a qualified practitioners clinic such as Dr Hennessy’s Clinic. This is important so that you are able to receive the right treatment to help you achieve your desired look.

PRP Vampire facial (acne treatment)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are popular amongst men, this is because these sorts of treatments can be used to combat different types of skins. Vampire facial treatment involves taking blood from the patient, that is then reintroduced into the point of the face that needs to be treated. This can involve injections under areas such as wrinkles, scars and acne.

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