9 Recipes With Staple Foods, Try During Confinement

Recipes with Staple Foods

The kitchen is being one of the best shelters to cope with confinement. You may want to try new combinations or teach children simple recipes. That’s why today, I share this selection of recipes with staple foods that I’m sure you have in your pantry.

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9 Recipes With Basic Foods

> Recipes With Egg

If there are two essential things now, it is to vary the menus and take advantage of the food. The egg is such a versatile food that it will allow you to make different recipes (in some, it will not even remain perceived). In What’s for dinner, I proposed six menus ideal for dinner. One of them was composed of pumpkin cream and this tortilla roll with vegetables. It’s simple, nutritious and a lot of fun!

> Recipes With Patata

This selection of recipes with staple foods could not miss the potato, as it is as essential as it is economical. In Recipes with potatoes, six dishes await you with which it stays proven that no way of cooking resists: roasted, stuffed, in a salad, in cake, like sushi and these imposing Hasselback style.

Sweet potato (known as sweet potato or sweet potato) is as versatile as traditional potato. In 6 autumn recipes, you will find these delicious croquis softballs that combine with almost any food (here broccoli). A great way to have vegetables.

> Recipes With Calabaza

We’ve been incorporating pumpkin into our recipes for a long time, even out of season (you’ll find it chopped and vacuum). You remember sweet potato a lot, don’t you? Proof of this is these chips that you can make with both. Here are more pumpkin recipes in case they inspire you for your daily menus.

> Recipes With Cebolla

Even if we are in spring, it is still cold, so that you will appreciate a warm soup like this from Direct to the Palate. Onions, butter, oil, white wine, flour, grated cheese, bread, salt and black pepper are the ingredients of this comforting banana.

> Recipes With Banana

Banana is one of the sweetest fruits out there. With chocolate, honey, yoghurt, peanut butter, sponge cake, pancakes, How many possibilities!

Of all the ones I shared in recipes with banana, this in papillote is as original as fun. Make a longitudinal opening for inserting the chocolate (cookie and optional clouds). Put it in the range and get ready for an explosion of sweetness!

> Manzana Recipes

Having a delicious French apple pie toast (similar to our toast) is always a pleasure (and it’s easier than baking a real cake).

To make it, you will need apples, lemon juice, bread, whole milk, cream, eggs, butter, cornstarch, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup (optional). Without a doubt, it will lift your spirits just like these five desserts with apple.

> Recipes With Fresas

Remember the post about sweet recipes with strawberries? Please take the opportunity to update your recipe book with the cookies, cakes, sorbet and skewers included in it.

Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peach, really any fruit is delicious in the form of a smoothie (beaten with fruit and milk). And if you don’t have it fresh, no problem. Many of them can stay frozen (the best-sliced banana). This way, you can prepare some creamy smoothies to snack on.

> Recipes With Yoghurt

In this selection of recipes with staple foods, you could not miss yoghurt. In addition to the traditional sponge cake and complementing the Greek-style salad, yoghurt will allow you to make many and varied desserts in cups. Add a base of muffins, biscuits or cereals and top with fruit, honey or jam. Delicious!

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