What Can and Can’t You Bring To an Alcohol Treatment Center

What Can and Can't You Bring To an Alcohol Treatment Center -

Alcohol Treatment Center

When you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery from alcohol addiction, you’ll want to search for an alcohol treatment center. These centers focus on helping patients recover from alcohol addiction by providing them with medical monitoring and counseling while they undergo a period of abstinence and recovery.

There are many different types of alcohol treatment centers, so before you check into one, it’s helpful to know what exactly you can bring with you and what might not be such a good idea.

This article will give you an overview of what can and cannot be brought to alcohol treatment centers. While some things might seem obvious (you don’t want to bring drugs or other paraphernalia that would get you in trouble), others may not be as clear (for example, rules vary from facility to facility).

What You Can Bring to an Alcohol Treatment Center

A Change of Clothes and Shoes

Make sure that your change of clothes is sober-friendly. Avoid bringing anything that would remind you of your drinking days, such as T-shirts with alcohol-related sayings or logos.

A pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting ruined can also be a great idea. You can usually leave this outside while you’re in the treatment center. Depending on the facility, you may be able to wear your shoes inside the center.

Prescription Medications

If you have a prescription for a substance on the Controlled Substances Act (such as opioids or benzodiazepines). In that case, you’ll have to speak with the alcohol treatment center’s medical team before coming in.

They’ll consult with your doctor to ensure they can safely administer the medication while you’re in the program. Once they’ve confirmed that they can give you the medication, they’ll put it in your medical file.


Most alcohol treatment centers will permit you to bring a cell phone to help you stay in contact with loved ones, but you may need to store it in a locker while you’re receiving treatment.

The same goes for other electronics, such as laptops, computers, or tablets.

Toiletries and Other Items

Alcohol treatment centers usually provide towels, toilet paper, and soap. However, if you have any special toiletries, it’s a good idea to bring them with you.

Remember to carry a bag with items like a book, journal, phone charger, and other things you think may help you pass the time during treatment.

What You Should NOT Bring to an Alcohol Treatment Center

While alcohol treatment centers generally accept what you bring with you, there are a few things you should avoid bringing with you.

First, any weapons or materials used to inflict harm are strictly off-limits. You should also avoid bringing alcohol, drugs, or any paraphernalia. Doing so can result in you being expelled from the alcohol treatment center.

Second, avoid bringing any toiletries that contain alcohol, such as mouthwash, since they could violate your treatment plan. Alcohol treatment centers want you to abstain from alcohol as much as possible, and some mouthwashes can contain as much as 21% alcohol.

Alcohol treatment centers will probably have a list of approved medications you can bring while in treatment. However, you may have a drug that isn’t on the list. Before getting any medication with you, check with your alcohol treatment center to see if it’s approved.

In Conclusion

Alcohol treatment centers want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients to heal, and some of these rules help with that. It’s essential to be sure to bring only what’s allowed. If you break the rules, you could be expelled from treatment.

So, before you check in, know what you can and shouldn’t bring.

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