How to Apply Thin Lips to make them look Fuller

How to Apply Thin Lips to make them look Fuller

Apply Thin Lips to make them look Fuller

Knowing how to make up thin lips is very helpful, And the truth is that it is not complicated at all. It all has to do with the practice and familiarity you have with the process. For this reason, we have prepared for you this short and simple guide to start practising today and at the following important event, dazzle everyone with your makeup look. What do you say, we tried it already?

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Our essentials:

You must be very clear that for your lips to have a visual effect of volume. You will need three essential makeup products: a long-lasting lip liner such as Color Sensational (which last up to 16 hours), a lipstick the same finish as your eyeliner (in this case, we are looking for creamy eyeliners. Therefore, the lipstick you use should also be) and a concealer like Fit Me Concealer.

Learn to apply it at the right time:

The first step is the eyeliner, and in this step, all the magic remains contained. The trick to making your lips look less thin is in the way you delineate them. The trick is following its shape lip liner from the outside, a millimetre away from frame. It allows you to visually enlarge your lips, slightly spreading the filling area with your lipstick.

Once you have outlined the area, now fill in with Color Sensational. Remember that the tone must be the closest to your eyeliner to have a natural finish. The advantage of delineating them is that the colour will stay in place for longer without running, as the lip liner will contain it thanks to its long duration.

The last step is to highlight your lips with the help of Fit Me Concealer, and you have to follow its shape with the applicator without getting on the lines that you already marked with the lip liner, then blend very carefully. This trick helps to enhance their shape by making them look more voluminous.

Identify the type of finishes, as you will currently find many styles, from mattes to creamy, metallic, glossy and others. Those that allow you to give your lips a volume effect are the shades that reflect light. But if you want to try a matte style, then make sure they are dark tones; Only then will you visually compensate for the widening effect you are looking for.Apply Thin Lips to make them look Fuller

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