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What You Can Expect After Asian Nose Job Procedure?

Asian Nose Job Procedure

Asian Nose Job Procedure

What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance a patient’s nose of Asian ethnicity. The differences in our human anatomic structure have always been one of the biggest causes of new medical procedures and surgical advances. One has been caused by our racial and ethnic diversity within plastic surgery.

Suitable and specialized techniques have been necessary to serve patients of different ethnicities better. Hence the invention of Asian Rhinoplasty derived from typical Rhinoplasty.

Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty

The procedure is carried out inside the nose or via a small incision at the base. The surgeon might need to readjust the cartilage or some of the bone under the skin. The cartilage parts taken from the nose might be of use to the surgeon to help reshape it further

Upon completing all the required changes, the nose skin and tissues are put back in place, making all the stitches on it before adding bondage. The incisions are made inside the nose so that you would have no fear of visible scars in the future.

Up to this point, everything explained about Asian Rhinoplasty has been strictly “Surgical” related.

But in some cases, your surgeon may recommend a “Non-Surgical” approach. Based on what is needed to adjust a nasal structure, also called “Liquid Rhinoplasty.”

This non-invasive cosmetic solution is meant to accentuate the shape of the nose adding size to it, unlike a typical surgical nose job. It reshapes the bridge to achieve a more symmetrical look or, in other cases, helps alleviate constant breathing issues for those seeking relief.

What is exceedingly tempting about this option is that it can be done as a walk-in, walk-out case; treatment lasts around 30 minutes with no downtime & no anesthetics needed. It is temporary, lasting up to 12 months and six months at the shortest.

A dermal filler, called “Liquid Rhinoplasty,” is injected into the nose, which fixes disbalances at the bridge, dorsum, or nasal tip, and t it is much less costly than surgical Rhinoplasty.

That and the ease of its application have contributed much to its popularity.

Some of the common issues non-surgical Asian Rhinoplasty can improve are:

  • Over-rotations of the nose that is referred to as Button Nose
  • A retraction of the tip of the nose is known as a Retracted Columella
  • And protrusions formed by excess bone density or cartilage are known as Dorsal Hump

What To Expect From A Nose Job, Before And After.

On the day of the scheduled operation, it is best to be accompanied by an acquaintance who can drive you post-surgery. Some side effects to be expected in the first couple of days after the procedure are slight post-anesthesia effects and some drowsiness.

It is highly recommended to arrange for a family member or a friend to stay over, assist with daily routines, and further reassure a safe & speedy recover

The recovery period of the surgery ranges between six to eight weeks. Expect slight and temporary bruising around/under the eyes during recovery. Your surgeon will recommend several activities against it, like driving, sexual intercourse, and heavy exercises.

Expected Costs of Asian Rhinoplasty Around The World

If you are already wondering how much the procedure would cost, it is only fair to assume that you are considering it seriously now. When searching for a qualified surgeon to perform the needed operation, it is vital to find an experienced doctor.

Whoever you contact should be fully transparent about their facilities, costs, and any other inquiries you feel necessary.

Choosing a surgeon simply because they can offer low prices may end with undesired results. It is most efficient to consider all your available options. Some of the examples available worldwide starting from the lowest average costs:

  • Turkey (2500 – 4000 EUR): Rhinoplasty in Turkey has been a primary choice for many patients from different locations. Europe, the USA, and the Middle East have been frequenting clinics throughout Turkey for their cost-effective services and location conveniences on other occasions.
  • Korea (3200 EUR): Plastic surgeries, in general, has been very popular within South Korea, especially in Asian Rhinoplasties, which averages around 3200 EUR. Most would consider doing the surgery there a safe, tried, and true option.
  • UK (6100 EUR): The United Kingdom offers some of the highest prices for plastic surgeries. Researching and contrasting it with other countries may seem like it could be more cost-effective.

However, it might be a good idea for those who live there due to travel and accommodation charges being above budget in some comparisons.

The multiple medical techniques and non-surgical options make it much less intimidating for anyone considering the procedure, regardless of body structure, ethnicity, or age.

To understand more about the rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey, you can compare clinic prices, surgeons, and reviews with the guidance of professional health experts with Flymedi.

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