Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey – Why is it so Affordable?

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey – Why is it so Affordable?

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey  

Not all people are suitable for getting a hair transplant in Turkey. The first condition is that hair loss has stopped, which is why in the case of men, age is a determining factor.

Gender is another factor affecting the success of this procedure since alopecia manifests differently in men and women. While hair loss in men is concentrated in specific areas, it is spread all over the scalp in women.

In addition, not all areas of their hair react the same when it comes to increasing hair density through hair transplantation, as well as the fact that there are fewer hair follicles at implant because women cannot use beard hair, for example. Hair transplant cost in Turkey For these reasons, men are generally better candidates for hair transplants.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the results are much more visible in patients with dark and thick or curly hair because it offers the appearance of greater hair density.

Why does everyone go to Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants in Turkey are performed by a very experienced and highly qualified surgeon and team. The follicular unit extraction technique and its treatment before reimplantation are essential for the survival of delicate hair grafts. In addition, the results can also be unsightly if the transplanted follicles are not placed in the correct number, in the right place and with a distribution that follows specific aesthetic criteria that allow the new hair to look completely natural.

A good specialist must duly inform the patient of the results that they can obtain based on the quality of his donor area to meet their expectations. This is particularly important for women.

Depending on the technique used in each session, between 1,000 and 5,000 units may be needed, and the ideal hair density to obtain good results should be between 30 and 90 follicular units per cm2. In men with extensive alopecia, the strip extraction technique (FUT or FUSS) can be combined with FUE to obtain follicles from the sides.

Why is Turkey so cheap for Hair Transplants?

The reason for affordable hair transplant costs in Turkey is the cost of living and lower salaries, which makes treatment costs more reasonable than in other countries.

However, lower costs do not imply lower quality. Turkey is home to more than 35 JCI-licensed hair transplant centres and exceptionally experienced hair transplant experts.

Turkey has been striving to achieve a significant level of modernization of its clinical base so that its clinics meet or even exceed global guidelines. You will have the opportunity to choose between the most advanced hair transplant techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

How much does a Hair Transplant cost in the US?

  • Where you live and the number of nearby specialists offering the procedure can influence the cost of a hair transplant.
  • The type of technique you choose: There are two types of hair transplants: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).
  • The experience of your specialist: If the hair transplant surgeon is well known, they may charge more. However, higher rates generally do not mean experience. For this reason, we recommend that you do your own research before choosing a clinic.
  • How much hair to transplant: Usually clinics do not charge you for transplantation. Instead, they offer all-inclusive packages. There are, however, certain stopping points. Hair transplant with more than 3500 takes more time and you may need to pay more for the second day of operation.

Is Turkey better than the US for Hair Transplants?

Turkey and the United States are generally the best places to get a hair transplant, and patients wonder which one to choose. Turkey is recommended because the costs are lowered with similar or better quality. For example, facilities in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodation and transfers. You will not only get amazing medical care administration but also save money if you choose Turkey.

Why Cosmedica Clinic?

Cosmedica Clinic is a top-rated and certified hair transplant centre in Istanbul, the leading centre for hair transplant expertise in Turkey. Its state-of-the-art clinic with modern operating rooms and state-of-the-art technology inside is located in the heart of the city. With 16 years of experience, they are at the forefront of technological advances in hair transplant procedures. They have English-speaking staff who will make sure that your stay in a 5-star hotel, as well as the process itself, is as pleasant as possible.

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