The Best Ideas of Best Nail Designs

The Best Ideas of Best Nail Designs

Best Nail Designs

Acrylic nails, The Trend that Invades Social Networks

Best Nail Designs, For many women, taking care of their hands aesthetically is essential since they can make a good or bad impression on those they know. For this reason, the boom in acrylic nails continues to grow. And although they were announced several years ago, in 2021, there are new trends in designs, colors, and shapes.

Arlette Cabrera states this, a professional Acrylic nail technician, comments that Cardi B and Rosalía are among the international celebrities who are references in this style, but that currently, Kylie Jenner is the one who sets the fashion in a manicure on social networks. Most ‘of the designs with stickers, glitter, confetti, or flowers are out. What is in vogue is that the manicurist makes freehand drawings, such as hearts, stars, clouds, and even happy faces. Minimalist designs with straight or curved lines and animal prints remain highly demanded.

Best Nails Designs

“To draw on the nail, first the of the base color is placed, and then the design is made with semi-permanent enamel,” explains Cabrera. Pastel and nude colors are all the rage because they combine with all kinds of outfits and look elegant. As for the shapes, there are square, oval, coffin (or ballerina type), stiletto, and almond-shaped. According to the expert, the latter is the most requested by women of all ages and favors those with wide fingers because they refine and stylize the hands.

Acrylic Nails have Several Benefits:

Best Nails Designs, Acrylic Nails have several benefits: they allow the color of the manicure to remain intact, make all kinds of designs, and use the length and shape of the nail that you want. If you take proper care (don’t rip them off, bite them, or use them as tools to open tough things, and don’t expose them to moisture for too long), they last up to a month.

If your nails are thick and strong, you can use acrylic for one year consecutively without any damage. After that time, it remains recommended to remove the product because aesthetically it will not look good, since the growth of the area where there is no acrylic begins to be evident. In addition, as the nail has grown, if there is a bump it can begin to detach.

On the contrary, if they are weak, it is better to use this technique only for three months and let the area rest for three or four weeks. It all depends on the quality of nails that each person has. Discard the myth that wearing acrylic nails is 100% bad. The technique, if used correctly by the specialist, guarantees positive results. It is essential to know how to work in the area to prevent wear and mistreatment.

For Longer-Lasting Results

Best Nails Designs, For longer-lasting results, the area must be immaculate. If there is the excess cuticle, they will likely come out.

Skin exposure to chemicals can cause contact dermatitis on the skin around the nail. The continuous use of acrylic nails could harm the area’s health because they can cause a greater risk of moisture in the nail bed (the adherent connective tissue under the nail and connects with the finger).

They were making it more prone to damage—the development of onychomycosis (fungal infection). Therefore, It should never remain used by people with a history of atopic dermatitis and those who have fungus or any other bacterial infection on the skin around the area.

Opting for acrylic nails sporadically is preferable for a special occasion such as a party. Although they may look aesthetically good, girls should never use them. And let them breathe to avoid dryness and peeling. If you like to show off beautiful hands but do not want to apply acrylic on your nails, another option is hypoallergenic nail polishes”.

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