The Ten Fashion Trends of 2020 that Will Conquer You

The Ten Fashion Trends of 2020 that Will Conquer You

Fashion Trends Fashion Trends

The new year also brings us fresh air in terms of fashion trends, decades that return, unexpected colours illuminate our wardrobe and contemporary silhouettes to update your look. We get them all (with tips to take them according to the experts) so that you can choose the ones that best suit you.

If you’ve had enough party dresses and need some fresh air, take a look at what we’ll be wearing next.

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We anticipate that some garments such as baby collars and puffy dresses will continue to grow.

The new year remains loaded with trends; Some of us have already noticed, and others are new and surprising. Something changed a few years ago to now: there are so many and so varied that it is difficult to establish an exhaustive list of ‘what is and what is not ‘. Now romantic dresses coexist with military boots, the 70’s you dress one day, and the next 90’s more grunge inspire you, the colours mix without rules, and very few are ascribed only to one style. Each one chooses and shows the ones that best match their taste and personality, and, more than ever, fashion is the most fun game. However, those who spend hours between street style photos know that there are common gestures protruding fashion and attract attention. We have gathered those: unique bags, the total look leather, new silhouettes of jackets and pants. If you want to take the pulse of what that comes, points:

The Bullfighter Blazer

The short jacket turns out to be the ideal tandem of high-waisted pants, bloomers and slouchy, as it allows to remove a bit of visual weight and stylize. Zara’s brown one has us in love.

The ‘Slouchy’ is (definitely) the New Cigarette

High waist and wide leg, it combines perfectly with sweaters, blouses, blazers and, of course, heels. If there is an essential in the closet right now, this is it.

The Reign of the ‘Pouch.’

Bottega Veneta’s most successful model remains declined in new colours such as gaudy and metallic. Take note: the trend will continue to be carrying the bag under your arm.

A Touch of Feathers

Feathers always remind us of long nights and celebrations, but now, we will use them subtly in daytime garments to instantly elevate the look.

The Knitted Jacket

It has always been an essentially austere garment but now worn directly on the skin and adjusted to the body. It has managed to become one of the most exuberant and desirable in the wardrobe. Combine them with high-top leather pants or midi skirts and knee-high boots.

The Huge Dresses will make us Dream

With a Victorian or Disney princess aesthetic, fanciful or regal in appearance but always with an extra dose of flight and volume. Accompany them with some military boots, and you will have the winning formula.


It has become the garment capable of giving a ‘twist’ to all your looks; in leather, suede, denim or tailored style. It will be the garment that transforms a look from approved to one of outstanding.


The new perfect trouser length will be knee-length, no more, no less. Wear them with high boots, with pumps or sandals.

The Balmoral Style

Because let’s face it, since we saw ‘The Crown’, we want to emulate (even a little bit) the more traditional British style. What if we start with a headscarf?

The New ‘Preppy.’

Midi skirts, mules, pearls, bomber jackets. Combine elements of the past and give them the modern touch. From college aesthetics to Parisian and bourgeois style, the ‘fine girl’ but the sophisticated vibe will continue to be a trend. Fashion Trends.

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