What is the Point of Putting on Blush?

What is the Point of Putting on Blush?

Suppose our beauty routine seems to be well established between perfect complexion, revolver eyes and mouth nicely colored with matte or shiny lipstick. In that case, we often forget a weighty ally for a radiant complexion, the blush! And yet, the blush or formerly called blush, continues to evolve into gel, cream, mousse to become more practical, easier to take everywhere. What is more, makeup professionals have, of course, also brought us the famous contouring techniques, or more recently, blush draping.

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The Blush and its Healthy Glow Effect guaranteed Throughout the Year

Blush is the modern heir to blush, which is undoubtedly one of the oldest makeup elements in history. Even in Ancient Egypt, women already powdered themselves with it, above all to give themselves a healthy glow and a perfect complexion. Depending on the country, everything was good to create this magic powder: madder in China, saffron in the Maghreb countries or even crushed blackberry in Ancient Greece.

If makeup was banned during the Middle Ages in France for its “diabolical” effect, it reappeared in the Renaissance and has never left women’s beauty bags. Simply because well applied, it immediately gives a natural and luminous effect.

However, if blush is an effective ally for a healthy glow, it should chosen with care even in winter. For fair skin tones, blushes or pastel pink blushes are best suited to give radiance while adding to your milky skin the impression of a day in the great outdoors. For dark skin, coral, apricot or orange blushes best suited because naturally luminous. These golden skin will find with the blush an effect of instant freshness. For the festivities, do not hesitate to opt for golden blushes, making you even more radiant. The brightest blush colours will remain recommended for black skin, such as red blushes, plums, and fuchsias. The Cheeks Contrast.

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How to correctly Apply your Blush?

Once you’ve determined the perfect colour for your blush, it’s time to apply it. With good precision, the blush can only stay applied after creating a flawless complexion with your foundation or BB Cream. The blush is the final touch of a perfect face. To do this, you will have to spread your blush with the brush provided for this purpose. Starting from the temples towards the hollow of the cheek and especially not by making circles. Or packets on the cheeks at the risk of looking like a Russian doll! A single watchword: moderation!

When the Blush allows you to redraw the features of a face, the Blush draping

The blush gives a good glow but can also remain used to redefine the contours of your face by applying it according to its shape in exact points. It is precisely what is currently called blush draping.

So as not to get lost in these often-heard terms, blush draping consists of redefining facial features with blush, contouring recreated them with sun powder, and strobing done with a highlighter to highlight certain parts of the face.

Getting back to the principles of blush] draping, here are some simple rules. If you have a long face that you want a rounder, it will be enough to apply [blush]by making a line of the nose of your temple towards your nose, which will “break” the length of your features. If, on the contrary, you want to give more finesse or maturity to a face that is too round, you need to use a [blush] darker than your complexion to put it in the hollow of your cheeks and spread it to your mouth to a natural effect. Finally, to give volume to your cheeks, use a light [blush] that you put from the temples to the mouth, blending it as much as possible for a more natural effect.
Between powder, [blush], [blush] or sun powder, my heart swings.

A little reminder of rigour to not confuse blush and blush. Blush can applied anywhere on the face. While the blush is an only powder for the cheeks! While powder [blush] is undoubtedly the oldest and most well-known of all, today, it faces competition from powder blushes, cream blushes and, more recently, jelly blushes.

However, it seems that the powder [blush] is still winning all the votes. Indeed, the powder compact is undoubtedly. One of the most feminine elements of makeup and the most practical. Although it requires the use of a suitable brush. The undeniable advantage of powder [blush], its ideal mattifying effect for combination skin. Regarding cream blushes and gel blushes, they have the definite advantage of nourishing. The skin by texture and providing a natural finish. However, they remain not recommended for combination or oily skin.

Repairing a Broken Blush or Powder Jar

You’ve kept your favourite Chanel blush alongside your beloved nude eyeshadow palette, your little girl’s tiny hand has walked through it, and it’s the drama, your powder has spread all over the floor, and the [blush] remains broken. We have a tip to save your [blush] from the trash!

Start by picking up all the pieces of your fallen [blush] to bring them together in a small jar. If your container stands also broken, then crush the elements with a teaspoon. Pour in this powder two caps of alcohol at 90. ° And mix everything to make, this paste smooth while pouring it into your compact. Tamp it with your spoon to expel the air and let your preparation sit for 3 hours before squeezing. Everything with a tea towel to remove the remaining moisture, then let it stand for at least 24 hours. You can use your [blush] again.

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