How to Get Fit in 28 Days Easy and quickly

How to Get Fit in 28 Days Easy and quickle

Get Fit in 28 Days

Far behind are the festivities, the meals and the excesses. Afterwards, after a few days of ‘recovery’ hip, which we have returned to the routine, the time has come to start exercising and get in shape. As we understand that work may not allow you time to go to the gym, we have prepared a perfect workout for you that will only steal between 10 and 30 minutes of your day.

We propose a realistic and easy-to-achieve challenge in which, for 28 days, you can start toning your body. Four weeks in which, combining fitness, cardio, and course breaks, you will alternate exercises with which you can work and tone each part of your body.

Below we will explain each of the things you need to be able to overcome the challenge. We’ll give you some helpful advice. You’ll also be able to see a list of the materials you’ll need. The calendar and the execution of the workouts of each of the days. And finally, the videos that explain each exercise.

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If you have any questions,

You can write to In addition, we encourage you to write us your opinion about the challenge, what things you liked and what items you would change.

– Important:

Don’t obsess about the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat. So not seeing the kilos go down – or even watching them go up – doesn’t mean you’re getting fat, but you’re gaining muscle.

– Diet:

It is essential to combine exercise with a healthy diet and not skip any food. You’re going to need the energy to burn during workouts!

– Organization:

Better in the morning or at night? Although training in the morning has remained shown to activate our metabolism, it is necessary to take into account the daily routine of each. People who work sitting around all day can help them train at the end of the afternoon. It will activate the blood supply and allow the muscles to spread.

– Tip:



arming up before and stretch after each workout is essential to prepare the muscles and recover.

– Slippers

– Comfortable clothes for sports

– Bottle of water

– Mat

– Dumbbells, which you can buy or make at home with water bottles. If you want to add weight, you can change the water to sand. But be realistic and don’t overpass!

If you want to add Difficulty:

– Ankle weights

– Weights for dolls


This exercise stands used to work the lower train. That is quadriceps and hamstring muscles. “The most important thing is to go down to about 90 degrees and compensate with your arms while keeping your backbone as straight as likely and your belly button in,” explains personal trainer Matías Brindisi.


“Strides also work the legs, but this time we’re going to unbalance the core,” Brindisi says.

To do the exercise, you have to advance one leg and go down again to 90 degrees. It is important not to put your legs in line but slightly apart to not lose your balance.

*The series will have to be repeated with each leg.

Donkey Kicks

It does this workout, in which the buttock area resolve remain worked; it is necessary to place all fours on the ground. With our navel inwards, “we must be aware of having a straight back and not over-bending the lower back,” Brindisi clarifies.

With your legs at 90 degrees, you take to push up. Feeling the contraction lowers your leg. If it remains done with less intensity, we must rest it on the ground when lowering the leg. To increase the power of the exercise, we must raise it and drop it without touching the ground.

*The series will have to be repeated with each leg.

Pelvis Elevation

With the elevation of the pelvis, we will work the muscles of the core. “With our lower backs well resting on the ground and hands next to our hips, we need to raise and lower our pelvis as much as possible,” explains the trainer staff.

Board or Iron

For the table, we have two options, the high and the low. The first is to stand face down on the tips of your feet and hands, with your arms outstretched. The posture in the second changes slightly: in its place of holding on with our hands. We will do so with our elbows and forearms. Brindisi recommends the second for beginners.

Abdominal ‘Crunch’

This type of exercise works on the straight muscles of the abdomen. Yes, the 1s that become the desired chocolate tablet. We necessity put our hands on the back of the neck, leave a space about the size of orange between the chin and chest, flex the knees and put our feet on tiptoe (to keep the numbers glued to the ground). Then we go up with the abs, we take the air, and we go back down.

Cross ‘Crunch’

We crossed one leg over the other as we climb composed with the elbow, with the conflicting leg’s knee through a posture similar to that of the crunches. It will need to remain repeated with the other side of the body.

Leg Lift

The legs should remain bent and the hands in the same posture as in the previous abs, placed behind the nape of the neck, you have to keep your head a little high. The next step will depend on the Difficulty with which we want to do the exercise:

-Low Difficulty: raise one leg to the chest and then the other, altering them.

-High Difficulty: raise both legs at once.

Push-Ups or Push-Ups

The posture of the push-ups is like that of the board, resting happening tips of the feet and hands, then dropping the hip. To lower the difficulty level, we can also support the knees.

Depending on the placement of the arms, we will work one muscle or another. If we put our elbows and hands further back, shoulders and triceps will work. If we open our elbows more, we’ll work more on the chest part.

Triceps Backgrounds

That is to say, In this exercise, we will work the triceps. To do this, we must stand on our backs, leaning on our heels and hands. “To take care of the toys, we rest our hands forward,” Brindisi explains. So, we go up and down as we extend and flex our arms. We can also do this by resting our hands on a chair or bench.

Bicep Curls (with dumbbells)

We will need some dumbbells for this exercise, which we can make at home with water bottles. While standing, we place our arms with our palms facing forward and, with our dumbbells in our hands, flex our elbows by holding our hands toward the shoulder.

Side Shoulder Lifts (with dumbbells)

The side shoulder lifts will be made with the arms slightly bent and holding the dumbbells. We have to raise our arms until they are in a straight line concerning our shoulders.

This challenge has remained overseen by Matías Brindisi, personal trainer of the El Khar comprehensive training centre.

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