What is Gleem Toothbrush

Gleem Electric Toothbrush Introduction

Gleem Toothbrush

The gleam Electric Toothbrush was created with you in mind and is your stylish go-to for better oral care and a brilliant smile. GLEEM’s sleek design and thoughtful features combine form and function and are available in elegant black and white.

  • Design a sleek, innovative design to spruce up your smile and bathroom. POWER Sonic bristle vibrations and a built-in timer help you brush more effectively.
  • Aaa battery-powered for lightweight, portable power.
  • Brush Convenient replacement brush heads to keep your smile gleaming.
  • Gleem white toothbrush is precisely what you need.

Gleem Electric Toothbrush Introduction

The gleem Electric Toothbrush achieves the ideal balance of form and function. It’s all style and no compromise, with a sonic vibration motor, a straightforward mode, and a stunning LED power-on indicator. Start smiling right away after turning it on.

Gleem Electric Toothbrush Introduction

Gleem Toothbrush Set

To help track brushing progress for a consistently clean, set a 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals.

  • For a gentle clean, use soft nylon bristles with rounded filaments.
  • Memory function for pausing and restarting the brushing cycle
  • 1 AAA battery is required (included)
  • The no-roll feature keeps it from falling into your sink and off the floor.
  • The elevated brush head remains intended to float above surfaces and away from the ‘yuck.’
  • The stunning, gleaming finish

It is an excellent alternative to a manual brush for many people.


  • Slim and fashionable handle
  • Integrated timer and pacer
  • Included is an essential travel case.
  • Excellent value
  • Procter & Gamble manufactures


  • There is no pressure sensor.
  • There is no automatic power-off feature.
  • Travel bag
  • Availability
  • Warranty

Gleem Toothbrush

The three BIG questions about the gleam rechargeable electric toothbrush If you’re short on time, the answers to the following three questions should tell you everything you need to know about the Gleem rechargeable toothbrush. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comments. You can read my full Gleem toothbrush review further down the page if you want more information.

Gleem Toothbrush  

1. Is There Anything Seriously Wrong With This Toothbrush?

There is nothing seriously wrong with this electronic toothbrush, far from it. It’s excellent. It works well and provides essential features at a reasonable price.

2. What other brushes should I look into?

In my opinion, there are two apparent alternatives you should consider. Our top pick and winner of the best electric toothbrush is the Oral-B Smart 1500. It effectively cleans the teeth. It is reasonably priced and includes features recommended by the dentist. If you prefer the sonic cleaning action, the Philips 4100 Series is worth considering. It is Sonicare’s answer to the Oral-B 1500.

3. Where can I get the best price for the gleem rechargeable?

There are two main places to purchase the gleem toothbrush. They are from gleem’s website,, and Walmart. Both sell the four different colour options as well as replacement brush heads.

This Toothbrush’s Variants

At the time of writing, Gleem manufactures two types of electric toothbrushes. The one I’m reviewing here has a built-in rechargeable battery. Their other model comes with a replaceable AAA battery. I went over it here. The only difference between these rechargeable battery options is the colour of the brush handle.

  • You have the option of Pearl (White) or Slate (Grey)
  • (Soft pink/red) coral
  • Aqua (Baby blue)
  • On all variants, the brush head is white. 

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