Start your Fitness Journey with Vingo App

Start your Fitness Journey with Vingo App

Start your Fitness Journey with Vingo App

Have you been procrastinating about your health? True, the lockdowns had us pinned to our homes for the past two years, but it is time to move our muscles and get fit. Now, this isn’t some new year’s resolution we’re talking about. You don’t need to rush to your gym and pay off a yearly fee and follow up for the next couple weeks. We’re talking about real, practical steps you can take to get back into your fit body.

Check out Vingo, the latest app for indoor exercises. Whether you prefer indoor running or indoor cycling, this app will help you to stay motivated, track your progress and even help you to connect with like minded individuals. The App uses intuitive VR technology to give you an outdoor experience, all the while you work-out from your homes. You can register and use the app for free, till the end of this year, but first let’s see some of its cool standing-out features.

The Interesting Online World

Vingo works like any other social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. All you need is an internet connection in your phone and you can install the app for free. After installing you will need to connect your treadmill or exercise bike with your phone. This way it is easy for the app to monitor your movements.

Anytime you feel like running or cycling, just place the screen before you and select from a range of locations available in the app. These locations are all based on real spots from across the world and they come with cool facts about those spots. You can learn about all your dream destinations all the while you exercise.

Make Progress Every day

The Vingo App is enabled with ANT+ sensors and they will continuously monitor your fitness every day. The app will suggest daily, weekly and even yearly goals for you to finish. This way you can challenge yourself into getting fit. The picturesque locations plus your drive to push your limits will get you through the training times in the easiest way possible.

How to Connect Your Fitness Equipment?

The Vingo App can be connected with even the basic equipment. Even if your treadmill/bike doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity, you can manually enter your speed on the app and let it adjust your views. If you have a cadence or a speedometer, they work too. the latest model treadmills and bikes come with an automatic speed control and they work well with the app. Either way, the app will take you into the virtual world and you can have your own little space to exercise.

Make New Connections Inside the App

You can meet a lot of new people on the app too. You can connect with the people through voice chat and talk with them in real time. Who knows, you will find your best exercise partner on the other side of the planet, through this amazing new fitness app.


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