Ten Quick Dishes for a Healthy Diet

Ten quick dishes for a healthy diet

Ten examples of delicious dishes in less than 15 minutes that are easy to make and suitable for persons who want to follow a healthy diet

Relaxed cooking for people with little time and desire to eat well is the motto of Kitchens and what we will dedicate. This post willpower shows you several examples of how it is possible to eat well through following a healthy diet and investing the minutest period in cooking.

Today we forget for a moment about all the unique recipes that we have prepared for this Christmas and that you will discover in the next few days. We focus on dishes for the day to day, on meal ideas that we can prepare to eat or to dine when there is no time for anything and when the temptation to eat some precooked nastiness is about to win the game.

1. Quinoa Fit to Burst Sprinkles

A recipe for making a habit of leftovers that makes a meal or dinner happy. We can take advantage of some leftover quinoa with mushrooms or quinoa tabouleh to fill nearly piquillo peppers that, accompanied by a moral salad, will make a complete and actual nutritious dish.

 2. Scrambled Eggs

We teach you how to make them in this post, and they are helped like themselves because they hit us from breakfast to dinner. We display you two proposals, with salad and ham cubes or with some leftover ratatouille that, this time, had no tomato sauce.

3. Grilled Salmon

It is ready in 5 minutes and accompanied by grilled vegetables such as zucchini or aubergine or a good salad. It is a complete dish when it is impossible to find more elaborate recipes like this salmon with orange.

4. Grilled Chicken

Thinking around a healthy diet and grilled chicken breast, I believe it is all single. In this case, the textbook dish accompanied by a bit of salad and some leftover rice with paprika vegetables.

5. Grilled Prawns

Being in a rush and wanting to eat a healthy diet is not at odds with indulging yourself from time to time. For that, what better than a bit of seafood such as prawns that can remain accompanied thru a curry vegetable soup or a Thai salad or a Vegetable cream, in this case, was spinach.

6. Grilled Beef with Salad

Another diet classic, grilled beef, doesn’t have to be that shoe-sole steak we usually imagine when we think of healthy food.

7. French Omelette

Another classic to which, with a bit of imagination, we can turn it into a very colourful dish because one of the keys to having a healthier diet is not to fall into monotony and cook palatable dishes at first glance. This time, I have added some pieces of cheese to some leftover spinach sauteed with red pepper, and I have recycled it as a filling for the omelette.

8. Grilled Eggs

If the French omelette does not persuade us, we can always make a couple of eggs, grilled or in the microwave and convoy them with some grilled or steamed vegetables that stand also made into nothing.

9. Rice Cooked in the Microwave

We have already shown you a duo of recipes in two posts, the rice pilaf and the rice three delights. And look how good this leftover rice pilaf looks with some steamed carrots, some yoghurt sauce, occasional bits of black garlic and a few sticks of celery.

 10. Vegetarian Sushi

We have taught you how to make sushi for a long time and, apart from actuality delicious, it is a plate that has hardly slightly fat and is suitable if we want to follow a vigorous diet. This time I was in the humour of a vegetarian, so I take vegetables.

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