Ten Tips To Have More Beautiful Hair

Ten Tips To Have More Beautiful Hair

More Beautiful Hair

Hair is a symbol of attractiveness, so we spend so much time showing it off perfectly. But if you want to have more beautiful hair, take note of the following tips.

The products we use, the way we comb our (hair), and what we eat affect the quality and appearance of our hair. If you want to have shiny and soft (hair), try taking care of it with these ten tips.

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1. Brush your hair every day

Gently detangle hair in the morning and at night. Try not to jerk and start brushing from the ends to the scalp. This gesture stimulates blood circulation and will help you show off more beautiful hair.

2. Stay away from too tight hairstyles

A tight ponytail from time to time can be elegant, but always wearing a quick hairstyle with hair ties and bobby pins can cause [hair] breakage. Also, please do not put your [hair] in a ponytail when you go to sleep; you will contribute to it falling more.

3. Control your stress levels

Stress is the primary opponent of health and beauty. Try to lead a healthy life avoiding stress because stress affects the appearance of your [hair].

4. Eat well

Hair is a true reflection of the type of diet you eat, and so are your nails. To take care of both parts, bet on a healthy and balanced diet rich in iron, vitamins A, B9 (folic acid), B12 and C, zinc and copper. These nutrients play an essential role in the growth, strengthening and appearance of [hair] and nails.

5. Watch the amount of hair that falls out

An adult and healthy person loses about 100 hairs a day, so daily hair loss is average. It would help if you only were alarmed when you find too much [hair] on your pillow or your clothes.

6. Learn to use the right amount

Using too much shampoo can be harmful. The amount needed is approximately one walnut. Apply it on the scalp and massage well. Rinse with plenty of water, paying particular attention to the lower part of the head so that no un-rinsed remains remain in the nape area.

7. Ally yourself with the mask

The mask serves to hydrate, protect and strengthen the [hair]. Apply once a week a cover that suites your [hair] type, and you will get beautiful hair.

8. Learn to use the dryer correctly

You should put about 15 or 20 centimetres of the distance between your [hair]. The heat emanates from the dryer. If you bring it too close, you can damage it. Apply a heat protectant to your [hair] whenever you use a hairdryer, flat irons, or tweezers. A good trick to avoid damage is to move the inch a lot with your hands or move the dryer so the heat does not affect the same place for too long.

9. Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

This habit can result in the appearance of dandruff and other microorganisms that remain generated by humidity. So before going to bed, make definite your [hair] is dry.

10. Do not abuse the irons

Or the tweezers or any device for styling [hair] through very high temperatures. Excess heat can damage the hair fibres, leaving [hair] weakened, dull and brittle. Use them only on definite occasions, and always protecting your [hair] well with creams and thermal sprays.

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