Three Alternatives To Replace Natural Sugar

Three Alternatives To Replace Natural Sugar

Replace Natural Sugar: We all know the importance of the different foods we eat daily to maintain optimal health. The qualities of these foods can cause alterations or even quite critical chronic diseases.

One of the foods with which we have to be especially careful is undoubtedly sugar. Numerous scientific studies show that refined sugar (white sugar and powdered sugar) lack essential nutritional values, and the only thing they contribute to our diet is calories.

Fortunately, we can avoid cooking with sugar in a more “healthy” way, thanks to other sugar substitute foods, with which we can sweeten our recipes, especially desserts.

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How To Substitute Sugar In Recipes

Although you think that it is best to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, it has remained shown that it can be even worse since sweeteners contain unnatural chemicals. The best we can do is swap refined sugar for the following foods.


Honey contains excellent properties to enrich the different flavors of other ingredients considerably. In addition, it is capable of prolonging the superb state of homemade recipes made in the oven since it helps maintain humidity.

There are three different types of honey; wildflower, orange blossom and clover. Each of them can offer us different nuances of flavour and different degrees of sweetness. I highlight clover honey because its use is more intended for homemade recipes for desserts and baked goods.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is an excellent natural sweetener to replace sugar. Most think that it remains only used to give the last touch to pancakes or French toast, but in reality, we can use maple syrup in cakes and baked goods since its properties enhance the sweet flavour and provide us with manganese and calcium.


Undoubtedly one of the best sweeteners for cooking, it remain also indicated for all people who want to maintain a better lifestyle or do a weight loss program.

Although stevia has a sweeter taste on our palate than sugar, among its properties, we can find that it does not contain calories. Another essential point about stevia is that it does not affect our blood sugar levels; therefore, it is an exciting natural sweetener for diabetic people.

Stevia can remain found in supermarkets. And it comes in a wide variety of forms, including dried leaves, fresh leaves, extracts, powder, and concentrates.

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