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SaniWhite Write for usSaniWhite appears to be equal to or is V-White, a product I have reviewed previously. However, the same effect remained found to be ‘no extra real than not brushing your teeth at all’ in an independent study by the University of Florence. So it doesn’t do what the marketing claims.

Are U-shaped Toothbrushes Good?

If a U-shaped toothbrush helps your child brush their teeth twice a day, it can also help check cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease and instill good oral hygiene habits in your child. U-shaped toothbrushes can also benefit children with developmental disabilities or dexterity issues.

How long does a Saniwhite Last?

Easy to use, with or without your toothpaste, and convenient. I use mine 2x a day, and the charge lasts about a week. My teeth are whiter, and the surfaces feel clean. I still brush and floss, though, because that’s just me.

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