Three Apps That Keep Your Mind Sharp

Three Apps That Keep Your Mind Sharp

Three Apps That Keep Your Mind Sharp

Aging brings about many bodily changes, including ones that impact how a person’s mind works. While aches and pains in the joints and back are common and widely discussed, changes that influence memory and other cognitive functions in general rarely get talked about and analyzed. Moreover, these may not be super noticeable to the person they are occurring to until they have advanced and have become undoubtedly clear. Then, they can be super unsettling and cause further anguish.

Everyone thinks of Alzheimer’s disease when the subject of cognitive decline pops up. However, the brain can slow down for a myriad of reasons, including trauma and injury. Around 11% of people over the age of 65 experience reduced brain function, which is a process that can begin in early adulthood but may not get detected until it significantly impacts communication skills and recollection. Education and intelligence seem to be good predictors of cognitive state in late life. That said, some things can help ward off declining mental performance. Keeping one’s brain busy, continuously challenging it to be active is an excellent way to maintain brain fitness. Read on to discover three apps that will help keep your mind young.

Blackjack Card Counting Trainer

The term casino bonus Canada has a massive Google search volume, as the number of people gambling online now is more substantial than ever. Nevertheless, hundreds of fun-play apps are up on Google Play and the App Store that simulate casino-style gaming. Blackjack Card Counting Trainer is a piece of software from, a site dedicated to teaching casino gamblers how to beat operators at the world’s most famous table game. Card counting is a strategy that involves a player keeping a mental tally of all the cards dealt, giving him a better understanding of which ones may appear next. It got popularized through movies like Rain man and The Hangover. When utilizing it, players can gain an advantage over their casino. It is also a terrific memory test.

Luminosity: Brain Training

Released in June 2014, Luminosity is likely the most famous cognitive stimulator on the mobile app market. It has over ten million installs on Google Play and an average rating of 4.54. It offers games that provide a daily workout for your brain, boosting its processing speed, problem-solving ability, memory, and more. According to the Luminosity team, their games get tailored for each user, factoring in their unique strengths and weaknesses. The app first presents a ten-minute fit test to evaluate a baseline score and then opens up offering forty-plus activities that keep brains young. Though free, Luminosity also has a premium version that incurs a cost of $12 per month.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit is similar to Luminosity, as it too provides a range of digital solutions that train cognitive skills and improve brain plasticity. At the time of writing, close to four million people have used this software to identify potential cognitive deficiencies and create a personalized brain training regimen. These include focusing on improving hand-eye coordination, planning, contextual memory, and nineteen other brain functions. The software features a patented technology that combines cutting-edge games and advanced algorithms that guarantee to slow down declining mental performance. It has video coaches that guide users throughout their CogniFit experience, upping the app’s interactivity. The technology featured in this app gets used by universities and medical centers around the globe.

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