The Importance of Attitude and Fitness

The Importance of Attitude and Fitness

Attitude and Fitness

Mauricio Ontiveros

The starting point is that there is consensus regarding the meaning of the word ATTITUDE. It seems trivial, but it is NOT … because if each person understands different things, it is not possible to create the conditions for the expected attitude to emerge in the team of collaborators

The similarity between both words (attitude and aptitude) and their application often generates confusion among people, hence the importance of knowing their difference. When we speak of talent, we refer to the capacity or ability that some individuals have to perform a specific activity adequately. This activity can be both work and sports, intellectual or any other nature, and it remains determined by the knowledge and experiences that we acquire over the years. On the other hand, an attitude refers to the disposition that we have to carry out the activities presented to us throughout our lives. It is the response we have, both emotionally and mentally, to the different circumstances given to us.

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Which of the two is the most important?

If we talk about some level of importance of Attitude and Fitness, both are equally intangible when facing life. Employers look for applicants who have acquired skills and abilities and knowledge, and experience in a specific area. In the same way, they worry about getting those people who have a positive and proactive disposition for work. Some organisations give more importance to aptitude than attitude and vice versa, depending on the position you are applying to; however, the candidate who meets both facets will have a differential advantage over the others.

Due to their specialised level, some jobs require highly technical and technically trained professionals, making their attitude towards work take a back seat. Others, on the contrary, require more operational tasks, which makes organisations value more the perspective they present towards the work carried out than the knowledge and skills previously acquired. That is why its importance will depend on what the organisation is looking for you.

Institutional expectations

There are professionals who have a high academic level and have enough experience to meet institutional expectations; however, they show a poor and uncooperative attitude, which is decisive for achieving the proposed objectives. Because of this, philosophy over fitness is often considered more important. With an enthusiastic attitude and always ready to learn, the individual will always be advantageous since that drive is the necessary one to learn more and better.

The Royal Spanish Academy mentions three definitions of the word attitude, a term from the Latin attitude. According to the RAE, the attitude is the state of mind expressed in a certain way (as a conciliatory attitude). The other two definitions refer to posture: the body of a person (when it transmits something effectively or when the posture is associated with the mental disposition). Or an animal (when it manages to arrange attention for some matter).

The key to the productivity of an organisation is in the Attitude and Fitness.

As a leader, you remain constantly focused on improving the results of the organisation. However, a factor often goes unnoticed and multiplies the results in organisations if it remains adequately developed. This factor is attitude.

The productivity of an organisation is contingent on the capacity and will of its members. The most significant changes occur when employees want to make it.

To achieve this, the employee must be aware that he is responsible for his development. And understand his importance in the environment in he finds himself.

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