How to Get Jenny Facial

How to Get Jenny Facial

 Jenny Facial

What is a facial, you ask? Well, here are all the answers you have been looking for. In one sentence, facials are a great way to relax while getting glowing, healthy skin. You can’t get a better feeling than treating yourself and your tired skin to a facial! This beauty treatment is a one-hour session that will give you and your skin some well-deserved love. It includes skincare steps like CTM, massage, exfoliation, and more, which significantly benefit your skin. If this has piqued your interest and you want to learn all about facials and their benefits, we’re sure you’ll want one for your skin by the time you finish reading this.

Whenever you desire glowing skin or want to let off the week’s stress, consider pampering yourself with a facial at a salon? For those of you who can’t recognize what a facial is and how beneficial it is for your skin, this is all you need to know. From how a facial can affect your skin to the different types of facials you can get, here are all the details you need to know about facials.

Steps of a facial treatmentSteps of a facial treatment

A facial is a multi-step action that includes a range of skincare activities in one beneficial process. Start by cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, sweat, and oil from your face. It involves eliminating makeup wiping dirt and grime off your face to reveal clean, fresh skin. The next step is steam, which moisturizes and relaxes the skin and opens the pores for better cleansing. An exfoliation follows this with a scrub to remove deep-seated oils and dirt, blackheads, and blackheads. The next step is the facial massage. The facial massage is usually performed with face cream and is the most relaxing part of the facial. It helps tone, tone, and hydrate skin from within. Then they pamper you with a 15-20 minute facial mask session to give you that extra boost of hydration and relax your skin. So it’s toning time. The pores that open when using steam close when toning. It thoroughly cleanses your skin and keeps the pH value in balance. The facial remains remain enveloped in a mask and nourishing moisturizer to lock in moisture and keep skin healthy and hydrated.


All treatments remain individually tailored to your skin type and concerns. Each treatment includes an analysis of your skin to select the right treatments for your skin. Jenny uses a variety of skincare lines and modalities to customize each facial based on skincare needs and concerns. First-time facials are recommended for the first time performing the Signature or Specialty facial.

Exclusive facial treatmentExclusive facial treatment

60 minutes – $85

This facial treatment remains tailored to your skin type and concerns. Starting with a double cleanse, I will then analyze your skin to see what the best treatments are. Your skin then enjoys a double steam peel while you enjoy a hand and arm massage. Extractions will stand performed if necessary, and then a mask will remain applied for your skin type and concern. During your cover, relax with a neck and shoulder massage and finish your treatment with a firming facial massage, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and RADIANT!

Exclusive facial treatment with hydrogel mask

60 minutes – $100

Signature facial treatment featuring a hydrogel mask to cool, soothe and hydrate skin. These seaweed peeling masks will instantly make your skin look rejuvenated and glowing! Choose from a variety of masks for your skin type.

express face

30 minutes – $45

Perfect facial when you are in a hurry! This quick but effective treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and mask. (Extracts remain not included in this treatment)

back facial treatment

50 minutes – $80

The back is one of the most challenging spots on our body to reach, so it often stays neglected and builds up dead skin and clogged pores. A back facial is the splendor of a regular back facial! Includes a double cleanse with a deep cleansing brush, a sugar salt exfoliation to remove dead skin cells gently, and an enzyme or alpha hydroxy acid exfoliation. To further remove dirt and oil from pores, extractions if needed, and a mask tailored to your skin type. Your back will be fresh and healthy!

Teen facial acne

45 minutes – $65

The acne facial is excellent for teens or anyone looking for a deep, lint-free facial! This treatment focuses on extractions and pore cleansing. It includes a double cleanse, steam peeling, extractions, and high frequency. This treatment does not have a massage.

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