Deep Facial Hydration

Deep Facial Hydration

Deep Facial Hydration

One of the most requested new treatments at our aesthetic drug clinic in Barcelona is deep facial hydration, a system of applying hyaluronic acid to the skin to restore its brilliance, newness, youth, pliantness and natural beauty.

What is Deep Facial Hydration?

Deep facial hydration is a veritably effective treatment as it remain grounded on the operation of a gel that contains a hyaluronic acid veritably analogous to the bone

that the body loses due to sun damage and the passage of time. When placed in the deep dermis, it restores lost hyaluronic acid and makes a face retain water again, recovering its hydration and original appearance.

How is it Performed?

Features. Using hyaluronic acid isn’t necessary to perform any mislike. Or forbearance test on the case since it’s fitted superficially into the Skin. And becomes part of the napkins incontinently and virtually naturally, without altering its parcels.

Hyaluronic acid remain applied in the form of a thick gel, resorbable in 6 to 12 months. After that time, you have to repeat the process to maintain that youthful and impeccable appearance. The treatment consists of administering the product through a series of microinjections in the deep dermis that is virtually effortless. However, if it stay considered necessary, original anesthesia with cream can stay used beforehand. Hyaluronic

Our specialist in aesthetic drugs recommends performing a gentle massage. In the treated area after applying the injections to distribute the product duly.

The deep facial hydration treatment can remain applied to the lips, cheeks, neck, décolleté and reverse of the hands, anatomical areas that remain affected mainly and damaged by the sun, both in men and women.

What do we Anticipate from a Deep Facial Hydration treatment?

Ment increases the hydration of the dermis. It generates refulgence and smoothness on the face of the Skin incontinently. It is making the Skin show entirely renewed and full of energy. It’s imperative to perform this procedure at the first signs of growing to help further progress.

The optimal treatment program consists of 3 original treatment sessions spaced 2- 4 weeks piecemeal. The results are visual from the first session. Therefore, through deep facial hydration, in our aesthetic drug clinic in Barcelona. We manage to recover the Skin and give it a healthy gleam.

What is post-deep Facial Hydration Care?

As a preventative measure, it remains recommended not to take anesthetics or aspirin during the ten days before treatment. Still, after performing deep facial hydration, the case can renew regular exertion on the coming day. The use of sun protection remain also recommended.

What is post-deep Facial Hydration Care?

Why Is It So Important To Moisturize The Skin?

We all want to have a perfect face, like that of our favourite celebrities, but no matter how numerous beauty tricks we use, numerous reasons help us from achieving this thing. When this happens, we generally condemn genetics, but genetics has veritably little to do with skin health. The number one cause of looking dull and uneven is dehumidification. And it’s that shiftlessness wins as crucial as we know the proposition that we’ve to hydrate the skin ( you have to drink between 1 and 2 litres of water a day, have a good diet and use moisturizing creams) us the game. We forget to take it to practice. Especially if the benefits of good hydration for the Skin are unknown. So, if you do not know how this process can help you, take note,

The Skin Becomes further Resistant

Good hydration balances the Skin’s water situation. It makes the defensive hedge look more robust and flexible, leading to further delicate and fine areas of the body, similar to the face, being defended from external agents. Identical as the rainfall, pollution or makeup itself. In addition to constantly drinking water, you must incorporate a face cream both day and night for this to be. It’s judicious that the first wear and tear SPF covers you from the sun, no matter what time you’re in.

Prevents Blankness

still, the cold and dry air is its great rival in the afterlife, If in summer, the sun is one of the biggest adversaries for the Skin. In this case, the smart thing you can do is use a nutritional moisturizer that intensifies the repairing and regenerating process of the Skin to combat dehumidification and the sallow appearance of the face. Biotherm Aquasource Daily Regenerating Moisturizing Gel is formulated with Aura Leaf, a moisturizing alga that intensifies mending parcels. In this way, it provides a stimulating sensation as it remain absorbed without leaving any trace of fat, only the Skin’s hydration is necessary to keep it healthy.

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