Eight Common Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

Eight Common Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

When we acquire a routine in the gym,  with an established exercise table, and obtain considerable achievements, we think everything will go perfectly. While it is true that you are on the right track,  there are repeated mistakes among gym members. Here we tell you what they are and how you can solve them.

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Do Not Warm Up Before Starting Training

Many people skip the part of warming up to try not to waste time and energy and energy and perform more complete exercises. Energy loss during heating is minimal. Heating up will prepare your system, allowing you to go much further.

Also, that “lost time” you think is an investment. It is because heating will reduce injury and damage. Did you know that not warming up is one of the leading causes of injury? If the muscle is cold, it will not remain prepared and will not perform the exercise well.

Always Work The Same Areas

Although it may seem logical, there will come a time when working on the same parts of our body will always have no other benefit than maintaining our figure. Some exercises cover more body areas than others. Keep that in mind.

The clearest example that we can find is those people who work their chest and arms but forget their legs. Each muscle is essential, in addition to our well-being on an aesthetic level.

Ignore Your Trainer

Whether you’ve been in the gym for a long time or just arrived, the advice of your trainer is essential. He or she will know what is best for your training, so pay attention to it.

And if you have doubts, do not hesitate to ask for their help. Many people don’t turn to gym monitors out of embarrassment or pride. Think that a simple indication about an exercise can save you a later injury.

Get Plenty Of Rest Between Exercise And Exercise

Resting too long between exercises can cause the muscles to become too cold and over-relaxed. After the break, when exercising again, the muscles may suffer very painful tears and micro-tears and for which they will have to maintain some rest.

Taking Supplements Without Directions

Taking energy supplements and diet enhancers can be very healthy and beneficial for your exercise routine, but it can also be dangerous. It must always be approved by an expert and with a previous study. The consumption of this type of supplement requires knowledge and an assessment to enhance these supplements’ qualities correctly.

Copying Someone Else’s Diet And Routine

Although many people have a very similar physical shape, each organism is entirely different and assimilates nutrients. Therefore, it is not advisable to use someone else’s diet. That person’s diet remains designed for their body and how it reacts to various nutrients. If the diet remains copied, the response will not be the same, and it can cause problems due to deficiencies.

There is no significant problem with the routine, but a previous study remains recommended because each person has their limitations or injuries, and they are not the same. Just as they cannot support the same load, they cannot copy the number of repetitions or batches.

Not Taking Care Of Our Diet Before And After Going To The Gym

Food is a fundamental factor when carrying out an exercise routine. A healthy and correct diet is necessary both before and after the gym to do a good workout. It is not good to overeat before training, but it is more harmful to go on an empty stomach.The amount of food must remain established by a diet carried out by a nutritionist or specialist in sports diets.

Train Many Hours To Get Results Quickly

Training excessively and seeing results within a few days of starting is nonsense. The body needs a period of adaptation to exercise and preparation until they begin to show the effects. For this, a gradual training routine is necessary and according to the physical form of each moment. It is not valid to start very strong, damage the muscles, rest the body for a long time and start from the starting point.Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

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