How To Sleep Well With Essential Oils

How To Sleep Well With Essential Oils

Sleeping is essential, but it is more important to rest well to face the day with the necessary energy. No matter how much you are at home, your body also gets tired, so it is essential to pay attention to the rest of these peculiar days.

Practising yoga or meditating before going to sleep can help you. These days the ALQVIMIA team accompanies you from home with meditation and live yoga sessions every week. You can see the schedules on our Instagram ( @alqvimia_official ), and on our channel youtube, you have the reflections uploaded.

We leave you some recommendations to help you relax your body and find calm before going to sleep.

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1. Light A Candle Before Going To Bed

It doesn’t have to be complicated—light a candle with essential oils on the nightstand. In addition to being a decorative element by themselves and helping to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere, Candles help us improve our emotional balance. They provide health benefits through the properties of their essential oils.

Essential Candle Anti-Stress is a candle with a synergy of the purest essential oils that nature offers us to promote a pleasant rest, the relaxation of tensions and the regeneration of the most subtle energies. Please turn it on, breathe it in and let the magic of the essences work on its own.

Your little flame will be the signal that it is time to relax, breathe and let the magic of the essences work on its own.

2. Smell And Sleep: 5 Essential Oils To Fall Asleep

Nature, as always, shows us that it has the power to help us. In this case, the volatile nature of essential oils, discover the 5 of most fantastic therapeutic value.

Disconnect with Mandarin Essential Oil
This essential oil, very mild, is attractive in case of temporary insomnia when it is difficult for one to disconnect, stop and relax. It is also beneficial for children. Remember that we recommend some tips to take care of and comfort the little ones with essential oils in this post.

Lavender Essential Oil, the best comprehensive relaxant
Balances altered emotions and generate peace and harmony, purifies the environment of harmful vibrations and energies. Thanks to its richness in soothing, relaxing and sedative molecules, it will help you fall asleep.

Marjoram Essential Oil against stress
It has antioxidant properties and helps fight daily stress. It helps to find happiness within oneself, to bring out emotions.

Chamomile Essential Oil for cases of hypersensitivity
Recommended for people who need calm, inner peace and cannot relax.

Petit Grain Essential Oil against tension
It is even stronger than chamomile essential oil. It is ideal for creating a fresh and clean environment. This is an oil that relaxes, promotes mental concentration and increases self-confidence—perfect oil to apply through massages.

3. Preparation Of Essential Oils, Sweet Dreams.

A natural formula made with essential oils with calming and calming effects favours the conciliation of restorative sleep in adults and children.

At night, it helps you fall asleep and considerably reduces nighttime awakenings. During the day, it helps create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in any space.

Sleep well with essential oils, discover the tips of our expert

From Alqvimia, we join the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa movement, and we want to get closer to you through direct connections. In this LIVE, Nadia Morales’ trainer tells you about everything you can do to sleep better these nervous days.

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