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Home Interiors Write For UsMost of us like to spend our weekends in front of the TV – watching messy tearjerkers on Netflix, watching the finals of IPL matches, or watching CNN on global politics! The placement and design of your TV unit are essential to your comfort and relaxation. The design should be ergonomic – does it crawl behind your neck when you watch your favourite series? It should also be functional – doesn’t your unit have enough space to store all your TV-related equipment and speakers?

If so, it’s time to up the fun quotient in your home! Here’s an overview of trending TV unit designs from the HomeLane archives to help you choose.

Simple and Sustainable

With sustainability in mind, the criss-cross wicker shutters add dynamism to this simple cabinet. Another advantage of the perforated roller shutter design is that everything works ideally, even when the door is closed!

Wood on White

A perfect two-tone combination, wood and white work together beautifully in this sleek entertainment unit that spans the entire wall of this home theatre. The TV remains mounted on elegant white panels with a combination of open shelves and cabinets with a shutter on either side that holds books and other artefacts. Long horizontal cabinets in white form the unit’s base and hide all gadgets out of sight. Bright spot lighting adds drama and functionality.

Elegance in White

Elegance in WhiteThis practical and stylish wall-mounted TV unit combines open shelves with drawers in glossy white laminate, offering space to display knick-knacks and neatly hide all your TV equipment. This design is easy to customize and can remain built to suit the space available in your home.

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